Lennox Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Air conditioning unit is essential for all houses. Therefore, buyers should consider a lot of factors before buying one. Replacing old air condition for a new one or buying for the first time has similar pressure. There are several popular brands and each comes with different features. Is there any brand that provides products with different quality?

If buyers want to take a look on one brand, try Lennox Central Air Conditioner. Its manufacturer launches several different models. These units are also categorized to three levels: good, better and best models. Thus, buyers could get fair comparisons and note their differences.

Probably, Lennox Central AC Prices is not the only reason to consider this brand. One thing Lennox could boast from its brand is high efficiency. People are happy when they get great product with less cost. In addition, none of Lennox models miss their Energy Star label. Therefore, these product have passed certification tests. No need to worry about its quality.

With all marketng ads published by each AC unit, buyers might doubt its real quality. There are a lot of cases where customers are extremely disappointed by products’ performance. Now look at Lennox Central AC Reviews. More customers give positive review than those who give negative feedback.

Lennox Air Conditioner Features

Variable Capacity Compressor

This is not new term in AC unit. In fact, many brands already use this feature. It helps to maintain temperature better than the other options. Single stage compressor pulls out similar power no matter how hot or cold the temperature is. As the result, there might be times when house owners experience uncomfortable room temperature.

To provide better performance, manufacturer invents two stages compressor system. This unit offers better temperature balance. Usually, unit will work on 30% power when the temperature is not fluctuating. If extreme temperature change is detected, then it switches to 100% power mode.

Variable compressor work on different level: it matches temperature change. In the other words, this feature has automatic ability to raise or lower power usage. Depending on temperature change level, machine will use enough power to meet ideal temperature.

Low Noise

One main difference between Lenox products and the other competitors is its noise level. There are two units that will be installed; one is inside the house and another is outside the house. Those models that use single or two stage compressors usually produce loud noise. It is because the machine works hard.
Thanks to variable compressor used by Lennox, home owners could enjoy sleepless nights. There will be no loud noise from over working AC unit.

Aluminum Coils

Lennox is not the only one that uses aluminum coil. However, each brand gives different name for its product. For Trane and American Standard, it is called Spine Fin Coils. Lennox also has special name; Quantum Coil.
This material is made from aluminum coil, but upgraded to fit AC unit requirement. This feature is installed inside refrigerant tubing and coil radiator. Thanks to quantum coil, Lennox models have better resistance against rust. Buyers who live near the sea will be happy to have this unit.

Pros :

After comparing several brands, buyers will see that certain names are actually standard features for AC unit. Therefore, buyers might question how one brand could outstand the others. To clear this doubt, Lennox could proudly say that they provide top efficiency level. Its machine works on lowest energy to reach desired temperature.

In addition to Energy Star label, Lennox keeps bringing forward great innovation to the market. One of them is improved efficiency level. For upper level products, buyers will get better split system than before. It is suggested to take latest model available. Single and two stages compressors are improved as well, so it performs even better than before.

Cons :

No matter how great a product is, there will be several flaws to expect. Lennox keeps this error well, but customers later on will be found as well. First flaw from Lennox is its reliability. Despite of the comfort Lennox model could provide, customers still complain less than ten years after installation.

Moreover, its maintenance cost is quite high. Buyers could get cheaper upfront cost only. Energy bill is still low, but buyers keep calling contractor to fix some errors. Even after contractors find the problems, not all of them could be repaired immediately. If it requires part replacement, then buyers need to wait patiently as parts are not available in any store.

Lennox AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

There are three different series from Lennox available in the market. The highest or best models belong to Signature series. Middle class Lennox products are lined up in Elite Series. Budget products are packed in Merit Series. What are the best products from each series?

Signature Series XC25

If buyers ask to previous buyers, this product is their favorite. It is difficult to resist its great features when they have no limitation on budget. Every years, there are hundred products installed in different area. Review and feedback report shows shocking result; few negative report and tons of positive comments.

Next feature any buyers will ask is products’ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). For this point, XC25 works on 26 SEER. It also gets AHRI certification. For compressor, this product uses variable stage unit. Thanks to Lennox’ excellent work, buyers could enjoy low noise (59 decible) everyday.

Elite Series XC20

When buyers could not afford Signature Series, they often go for Elite Series. There are four different models; XC20, XC16, EL16XC1, and XC13. Among these units, the best one is XC20. It must be the first item to consider before looking at the other offers. XC20 uses variable stage system, so buyers will have balanced temperature all day, all seasons.

Compared to XC25, XC20 produces slightly louder noise on its operation. If XC25 could keep as low as 59 decibel, XC20 sets on 65 decibel at the lowest. Another feature from XC20 is humidity control. It absorbs excessive humidity in the room. In addition, Lennox XC20 is also available for upgrade. This model has a lot of extension cable.

Merit Series 16ACX

If budget is the most important, then it is better to check lowest series first. Even though it is sold at cheaper price, they are strong enough to perform its job. SEER rating for 16ACX is 17. Those who live in warm region should choose this unit. It offers multiple stage fan that could respond differently to temperature change.

Ever wonder how AC unit could maintain house’s humidity? 16ACX circulates air slowly, in and out from the house. Because of this system, house owners will get balanced humidity. Buyers love AC products from Lennox for its top performance. Their cabinets are made from top construction; galvanized steel, coil guard and powder finishing.

As long as house owners install AC unit properly, there should be no problem for years except for regular maintenance.

Lennox Air Conditioner Prices by Model

Buyers tend to choose cheaper price over more expensive price. They often miss several points mentioned by dealers. In general, there are two different price offered by dealers; unit only and system installed. Unit only means buyers will bring home AC unit and should install it by themselves. System installed means buyers will get AC unit and get it installed as well.

Lennox XC25, Get best product with best deal. XC25 is literally the top product of Lennox. Unit only costs $3750. Buyers have more homework to hire contractors. Don’t forget to calculate installation cost as well. For all in package, then be prepared to pay $7900. Think carefully before choosing between all in package and unit only cost.

Lennox XC21, Another top product from Lennox is XC21. It is sold for slightly cheap price than XC25. Complete package is offered for $7150. Buyers should be ready to pay cash.

Credit payment will cost twice higher in the end. Some buyers might have recommended contractors from friends or relatives. In this case, take system only for $2980.

Lennox XC17, How much budget buyers have at the moment? Is it under $6000? Then there is just perfect unit to buy. One unit including installation is only $5500. All items are brought to buyers’ house and nicely installed. Buying only system is a lot cheaper, only $2590. However, house owners should pay more for contractors and shipping costs.

Lennox XC13, It is difficult to find good AC unit with low price. Great products are mostly sold at $6000. What if buyers have $5000? Should they keep saving until they get $6000?
This might not be the case when house owners want to pick XC13. With $5000, buyers could get one unit installed in their houses. Do you want to buy system only? Pay $1860 then.

Lennox AC Prices by Unit Size

Next thing to consider before buying AC unit is size. It cannot be ignored, as choosing wrong size, either bigger or smaller, will ruin temperature balance in the house. In addition, energy bill will be much higher than before. When contacting contractors, you have to bring information about your house’s size, number of windows and hallway details.

1,5 Ton

Looking for smallest Lennox size? There is only one answer; 1,5 ton unit. It is great for 600 to 1000 square feet area. For system only, it costs $1345 to $1945. Make sure to call contractors and ask dealers to send this unit to buyers’ house. Of course, these services should be added to budget list.

If these steps are too much to do, then simply pick the complete pack. Its price covers unit and installation. Buyers should prepare between $4395 and $5395.

3 Ton

For middle size, buyers could take 3 ton option. It covers 1601 to 1900 square feet area. If your house matches to this size, then don’t take smaller option. Several smaller houses with two stories might be suggested to take 3 ton unit as well. Be prepared to pay $1690 at the cheapest for unit only.

Maximum price from dealers should be around $2200. Adding installation costs to total price is also possible. The package costs $5150 to $6150.

4 Ton

Living in big house, house owners should prepare higher cost for AC unit. They cannot pick smaller size. Instead of taking several small sizes, buyers should get 4 ton unit. It covers 2201 square feet. Biggest area it could cover is 2600 square feet.

rice for system only is $2000. This is the cheapest offer buyers could get. Highest price for unit only is $2600. It is also possible to pick all in package. Cheapest price for system installation is $5790.