Goodman Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

How customers describe their ideal Air Conditioning Unit? Many of them would agree that high efficiency and affordable prices are the most important factors. When customers describe affordable price, it applies to many aspects; initial price, installation, repairing and maintenance. Big discount in the beginning is not always followed by low cost maintenance.

Buyers’ ideal product is often used as standard or end goal by manufacturers. Goodman Central Air Conditioner is one example that could get close to this standard. It is especially made to set maximum comfort, stand as reliable product in the market and provide best efficiency possible. All these complete packages are offered in competitive price.

Other than Goodman, there are several brands that aim for similar market. Just like Goodman, they have a lot of products varieties, clustered into different categories. In addition to low Goodman Central AC Prices, buyers also consider warranties and features. A lot of products are cheaper than Goodman. When buyers compare their features, only few will change their decision.

Is Goodman product better than other competitors? This is a question that should be answered by customers. If Goodman Central AC Reviews could be used as reference, then Goodman should be at least in top three positions.

Goodman Air Conditioner Features Analysis

Have you heard about frilly AC unit? It refers to any models that add less functional features to its system. It might seem cool at first, but then buyers will realize that these features are not urgently needed. If buyers don’t want to be bothered by frilly features, then Goodman is the best pick.

Lifetime Warranty Compressors

Yes, it is not a joke. Goodman manufacturer is really serious when they put the “lifetime warranty” label on their products. Many buyers must be curious about its secret weapon. Goodman has revolutionary suction accumulator. It works just like standard accumulator, but better at solving its most common problem.

One thing buyers should do during maintenance is cleaning up liquid or debris in suction lines. Neglecting this dirt will affect how the machine operates. AC unit will easily get clogged or getting hot in short time. Goodman has solution for this problem. Its suction accumulator locks any liquid form (mostly refrigerant) away.
Therefore, AC unit will run smoothly without any trouble. Still, buyers might need to pay for repairing after using this unit for one year.

Aluminum Coils

Not long ago, manufacturer thinks that best material to build coil is copper. Soon enough, almost all manufacturers mass produce copper tube. After releasing AC units to the market, customers sent a lot of complaints. Most of them are about corrosive tubes. The cost to replace copper tube is quite high. Customers have no option but to buy. Otherwise, the unit won’t work properly.

In order to solve this problem, manufacturers should find cheap but durable material. Luckily, they have the answer: aluminum foil. All Goodman products are using aluminum fin evaporator coil The chance of getting corrosive won’t happen soon.

Pros :

Probably first thing buyers notice about Goodman products are its low price. This is one quality any other competitors cannot beat. In order to win middle to low income family’s heart, the manufacturers could install fancy features without raising the price. Since better quality product work better, many buyers are naturally drawn to Goodman.

Another good point from Goodman is its reliability. Buyers will get what they see and hear about. There are some cases when buyers are tricked to buy pricey but less useful product. With Goodman, buyers cannot go wrong. Thanks to its high efficiency level, it also helps to save more energy bill.

Cons :

As mentioned above, Goodman produces economy models. It is difficult to take over Goodman position in middle class family market. Unfortunately, manufacturer really focuses on this area only. Usually, the other competitors also offer high end products with some feature upgrades. In Goodman products line, buyers will find no other models.

Have you heard about certain manufacture that trains their contractors to install AC units? Never hope it happens to Goodman contractors. Buyers cannot really ask for recommended contractors from dealers. They will only give any contractor contacts. None of these contractors learn about Goodman installation. In short, buyers should gamble on contractor’s experiences.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Goodman DSXC18

Buyers tend to look for best product in line first before they switch to lower range product. For Goodman, there is no other model on top of DSXC18. It offers best SEER rating; 18 SEER. There are three different models, each has different unit capacity. The smallest capacity is 34000 BTU per hour.

The biggest one is 56000 BTU per hour. All DSXC18 models have two stage fans that work according to temperature change. In addition to all functional stuff, buyers could also get early notice of system malfunction. This higher series from Goodman has built-in diagnostic which could monitor unit’s performance.

Goodman DSXC16

If buyers need second opinion, go for DSXC16. It is the perfect copycat of its higher class sibling, DSXC18. Both install two stage fan in its unit. This AC machine also has Copeland scroll, covered with foam sound blanket. No wonder, buyers will hear minimum noise from the machine.

There is also high and low pressure switch, allowing buyers to change pressure preference. In order to get longer longevity, manufacturer also puts filter drier. It is also possible to connect DSXC16 to ComfortNet Communication System.

This unit is compatible with it. Buyers only need to check regularly the display monitor. If there is any error, it is better to act quick.

Goodman GSX14

In order to find the most Suitable AC unit, buyers must consider a lot of things. One of them is living area climate. Variable stage fan might be the best cooling and heating property, but some houses could do well with single stage fan. Thus, they might want to take a look at GSX14.

As mentioned in its name, GSX14 offers 14 SEER capabilities. It produces tolerable noise; 73 Decible. For finishing, this unit won’t rust on its first years. To maintain level temperature, manufacturer gets aluminum fin coil. Anytime the unit needs to be repaired, contractors could get easy access from the top and both sides.

Goodman GSX13

Those who are looking for durable and affordable unit should check this model first. It works with 13 SEER and three split systems. Buyers could pick different size, starting from 1,5 to 5 ton. Installing one unit could produce 18000 to 60000 BTU per hour.

Goodman also slips a little bit twist for this AC Unit. This technology is called Smartcoil Technology. It helps heat transfer process by combining different parts such as copper tubing and aluminum fins.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices by Model

How could buyers get fair comparison for Goodman AC unit? First, they should pick most common house size. For common houses, perfect size for AC unit is 2.5 ton. Then, they also need to measure how well each unit size perform. After comparing these factors, buyers will have better conclusion of Goodman models.

Goodman DSXC18, Do you want the strongest unit from Goodman? DSCX18 is the answer. It includes only top features that aim to maintain most comfortable atmosphere. For unit only, the price is up to $1850. Installation and unit could be bought as a package. It costs around $4100 per unit.

Goodman DSXC16, Those who often see a lot of top brands might think that AC unit is pricey. It is because the lowest price for unit and installation is always over $4000. If buyers are looking for budget models, then try to look at DSXC16. Unit only is sold at $1580. Ask for installation package and you must pay only $3620 per unit.

Goodman GSX16, Middle option from Goodman series is GSX16. It is neither too fancy nor too shabby. Buyers will get just enough cooling power. Do you like the idea? If yes, then be prepared to pay $1405 for system only. Add installation cost and the total billing will be $3505.

Goodman GSX14, Now it is time to discuss about low tier product. Keep in mind that low tier is not similar to low quality. This product has equal value between its price and feature. Buyers don’t need long time to save money. Unit only costs around $1250. Installation by contractors will add up another $2000.

Goodman GSX13, Some buyers scan through models’ price before they finally look into their features one by one. In the other words, this unit offers lowest price for buyers. GSX13 sells system for only $1190. Calling contractors separately and ask for their service will cost $3100 per unit.

Goodman AC Prices By Unit Size

Have buyers calculate their house anatomy before deciding on AC unit? Factors such as number of windows, entrance position, and insulation play big roles. They affect how heat and cold is circulated inside the house. House owners could even calculate the hot and cold spot. After house owners learn about these information, how should they decide on the size?

1,5 ton

Smallest unit available is 1,5 ton. It is perfect size for small apartment for individual worker. They live in area of 600 to 1000 square feet. House owner could only have one bedroom, working space, kitchen and bathroom. This simple setting costs $1145 for system only. Installation could be included, but the price will double up to $3295.

2,5 ton

General houses are often built on 1301 to 1600 square feet area. Thus, they need something stronger than 1,5 ton AC unit. The most recommended size for any house with this coverage is 1,5 ton. It is sold at $1490 for one unit. There is also complete package, including the installation. It costs around $3670or maybe more. .

3,5 ton

Bless those who own a big house. They must have been built on 1901 to 2200 square feet area. If buyers want to cool down the house’s overall temperature, then take bigger size AC unit. 3,5 ton unit has $1845 price tag. It will be even higher when buyers want to include installation as well; $4145 per unit.

5 ton

Business office or any department stores will automatically call for highest unit possible. If your area is between 2601 to 3200 square feet, then take 5 ton AC unit. Otherwise, you might feel hot during the day. Unit only costs around $2590 per unit. Including installation, the cost will be $5430.