Daikin Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

One customer never has exactly similar request to the other customers. Some might need AC unit for their houses, while several customers buying one for their offices. For this reason, AC manufacturer usually produces a range of products. Each is made to meet customers’ request. However, there are certain brands that target specific market as well.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner is probably one among many that provides many models for different purposes. Buyers could ask for small, medium or big size unit, personal house, office or commercial use unit, and many more. It is probably because this brand bought Goodman to complete product line up.

Referring to Daikin Central AC Reviews, customers are satisfied with its performance. Daikin could really prove its honor as one of global AC brand leader. Buyers will not only get high efficiency but also great durability and warranty. It also offers tons of models with different features. Sure enough, it is difficult to leave without buying one.

Then what about Daikin Central AC Prices? Since it belongs to top product category, people might think that each model has high price. In fact, Daikin is also listed in best affordable brand. Both features seekers and budget buyers could get their best offer from the brand.

Daikin Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Advanced Efficiency Level

In order to maintain its efficiency, Daikin keeps improving its unit. Real work of craftsmanship could be seen on its efficiency level. Among all AC manufacturers, this feature is top leading innovation. Buyers could find it on DX20VC. Other top brands could only manage to get “up to” claim, when DX20VC will actually run on 24.5 SEER.

Ultra high efficiency unit costs more than standard units. The price gap reaches $1000 to $1750 per unit. Unless buyers are ready with this bill, they should consider other models first. Ultra high efficiency product could only show its benefits after 4 to 10 years of use.

Special Manufacture-Produced Compressor

If there is one thing AC unit cannot live without, it will be compressor. This part controls the rest of AC system. Once it fails, buyers will not be able to manage temperature anymore. Many brands share one compressor; Copeland. It is used by Rheem, Goodman, Carrier and many more.

Daikin takes different path and create their compressor. This is one main reason why customers are satisfied with its performance. A lot of Daikin models always make their way to global market for years. In addition, Daikin is also the first brand to offer very efficient mini split ACs. This brand really highlights their efficiency and durability.

Upgraded Indoor Coil

In order to work properly for years, Daikin unit should be able to resist corrosion. For this reason, Daikin chooses aluminum construction for all parts. Inside the machine, buyers could also see thermal expansion valve. It could cut installation time and extend AC unit’s life.

Top Warranties

Don’t all brands give warranty? What is so special about Daikin’s? Now take a look at unit warranty from other competitors. They are mostly 10 years only. On the other hand, Daikin offers 12 years warranty, It applies for all units.


As mentioned previously, each AC unit serves different purpose and aim for different market as well. For example, Daikin is categorized as mid range product. It means that buyers could find premium quality products for cheap price. There are also several models sold in middle range price.

Instead of trying to build ground breaking product, Daikin developers stay humble by creating something from anything they have. Thus, Daikin sticks to minor but impressive changes. As the result, they are also known for their energy efficiency, durability and durability. These three are golden triangle for any AC unit,


Daikin is able to win customer’s heart by maintaining reliability, efficiency and durability. They build their compressor and several other parts. Similar strategy has been used by more senior brands such as Lennox. At first, company thinks that spare parts distribution won’t be a problem. In reality, spare parts should be stocked in all dealers and market region.

While all features from Daikin AC looks tempting, it actually fails to provide several advanced components that are offered in other brands. For buyers who weigh functionality more, they will not think too much about this matter.

Daikin AC Model Reviews and Recommendations


Before looking at lower tier models, buyers should see best offer from Daikin. It is no other than DX20VC. This model has 24.5 SEER rating, currently highest than any other neighbor brands. In addition, its compressor works on variable condition. When temperature gets hotter, unit will automatically switch to more efficient mode.

What about communicating extension? Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come in a pack. Buyers should buy additional items to activate communication system. DX20VC supports it. Later after installation, house owners will see how this model keep cutting energy bill. It has Energy Star label as well.


Usually, manufacturer creates second model that is not too far from its signature unit. Apparently, this is not the case for Daikin. Its second model has quite notable differences. First, take a look at its SEER rating. DX18TC offers 19 SEER, a couple steps behind DX20VC. This model also doesn’t have variable system unit. Buyers could enjoy two stages cooling unit instead.

Just like DX20VC, there is no communication system attached to this model. Therefore, each part works separately without any balance monitoring. However, DX18TC has prepared extension holes for communication system. Another thing buyers could enjoy is its Energy Star label. Keep the unit on without worrying about energy bill.


It is time to check how good low tier products from Daikin work. For those who come with limited budget then DX16SA could be great option. It still serves top performance with 16 SEER rating. This product will work just fine on warm climate area. To support the system, Daikin pair it with single stage cooling unit. It means that DX16SA will work on single speed even if the weather is changing.

There is one more thing buyers need to know about this unit. It has no communication system and is not compatible with it. This condition means two things; house owners should check machine regularly and maintain temperature level manually.


What is the most recommended model from low budget Daikin? It is no other than DX14SA. This brand gets a lot of attention for its Energy Star label. Buyers will pay less both on initial price and energy bill costs.

Get ready to deal with single stage compressor that might be a little bit noisy. There is no communication system to warn you about any error in the unit. Make sure you do regular cleaning, checking and maintenance for long years use.

Daikin Air Conditioner Prices By Model

In case buyers are still confused about AC unit costs, here is a simple formula. Buyers should calculate unit price, installation costs, additional equipments and probably shipping fee. If you are not sure which one is more valuable, then try to compare manual installation and package service.

DX20VC, First, look at its unit only price. Lowest price should be around $3125. Highest unit price is around $4000. Buyers should also add shipping cost and labor fee. If buyers have plans to install additional equipment, then don’t forget to buy those as well. Package service includes one AC unit, installation service and all equipment needed.

Daikin dealers offer package service starting from $3650 to $6125. Depending on living area and complicated work level, buyers might pay the cheaper or more expensive price.

DX18TC, This is second option that has quite different features in it. Don’t be surprised to find that its price is far below DX20VC. Dealers write somewhere between $2555 and $3450 on their price tag. It will be a great deal if buyers have cheap contractors contact and bring unit home by them.

If buyers have none of these requirements, then it is better to take complete package offer. Since it covers installation costs for labor and equipment, so buyers just need to wait at home. Appointed contractor will come and install the unit for you. Don’t forget to prepare $3835 to $5495 for this service.

DX16SA, There are several models sold at cheaper price than DX16SA. This is actually the middle range product from Daikin. Its price is not as expensive as top models. However, it is slightly higher than lower tier units. Price per unit is about $2045 to $2800.

Buying only AC unit will leave more homework for buyers. Practical solution for this problem is paying for all in package. It is around $3535 to $4990.

Daikin AC Prices By Unit Size

Previous price range doesn’t apply to any unit size. Buyers will pay similar price if they take 2,5 ton or 3 ton AC unit. If they need bigger or smaller unit, then the price will be different. Keep in mind; bigger unit costs more. Even so, buyers are not suggested to sacrifice comfort to fit available budget.

2 Ton

Any Daikin model will have size label on it. Those marked as 24 is actually two ton unit. This size fits well for 1001 to 1300 square feet area. Before paying for it, don’t forget to ask whether they have installed option as well. Unit only price starts from $1328 to $3250. Including the installation, buyers might have to pay another $1400 to $2000.

3 Ton

If two ton unit could cover around 1000 square feet, 3 ton must be able to cover even more. To be exact, 3 tons works well for 1601 to 1900 square feet building.
Daikin AC could maintain balanced temperature without working too hard. Be prepared to pay around $1915 to $3625 per unit. Installing and buying additional equipment will cost around $3280 to $5635.

4 Ton

After measuring their houses, buyers find out that their area is about 2201 to 2600 square feet. In this case, which size should they take? The answer is easy; grab the 4 ton unit. One unit is sold for $2100 to $3825. Do you want it to get installed as well? The cost for this service and the unit will be around $3650 to $5825.

5 Ton

What is the biggest size for Daikin unit? It is 5 ton. As expected, this unit covers huge area, as big as 2601 to 3200 square feet. No wonder, one unit is sold at $2285 to $4000. Installation and equipment will make a total of $3865 to $6125.