Central Air Conditioner Replacement Cost Guide

What happens if your air conditioner broke down in the middle of summer? It can be disastrous. Of course, you need to repair it before it gets too worse to handle. The broken AC can result in the increase of energy bills and it is better to spend some dollars to repair it.

The average cost for AC repair is more than $100 unless you only get a simple repair that will cost you around $50, but this case is very rare. Don’t worry, here are some guides to help you estimate the AC compressor repair cost by considering the warranty.

What’s Covered When Compressor Under Warranty

The most important part of the AC is the compressor and if it is broken, your house won’t cool off. Thankfully, the companies also include the warranty for the AC compressor, but it is different from one unit to another. You need to have information about your AC warranty to know the coverage. If you don’t know yet, you can find it on the manufacturer’s website.

There are five different warranty coverage for your AC, such as 5 years, 10 years, 12 years, Lifetime warranty, and Unit Replacement warranty. The warranties here depend on the unit cost as well as the brand of your AC.

The leading brands and the cheaper ACs usually have only 5-years warranty. The 10-years warranty is the most common warranty for leading AC brands. Some brands, such as Trane, American Standard, Maytag, and some others have 12-years warranty. The ACs from Goodman and Amana some have a lifetime warranty for the compressor.

The best thing is that if you have the Unit Replacement warranty because you will get to replace the entire outdoor unit or condensing unit if the compressor fails. The AC brands, such as Tempstar, Rheem, Heil, Ruud, and other brands usually have this warranty.

AC Compressor Costs and Cost Factors

AC compressor is a central part of the AC. The AC compressor contains three different parts; coil, pulley, and hub. When the power is on, the coil will magnetize the coil and the pulley, and other processes will go on. If the compressor fails, there won’t be enough refrigerant and it won’t cool down the air in your house.

– 1.5 to 2.00-ton AC compressor capacity will have $445-$925 for part cost with $450-$625 installation cost.

– 2.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $500-$980 for part cost with $535-$710 installation cost.

– 3.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $595-$1,065 for part cost with $615-$840 installation cost.

– 3.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $650-$1,235 for part cost with $700-$925 installation cost.

– 4.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $735-$1,450 for part cost with $765-$995 installation cost.

– 5.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $815-$1.600 for part cost with $845-$1,150 installation cost.

Note that the cost can also vary from the BTUs of heat of the AC compressors. The cost will also differ depending on some factors, such as the unit size, brand, type of compressor, warranty coverage, and cost of living.

– Unit size: the size of the unit will affect the amount of refrigerant needed to fill.

– Brand: some brands have specific parts that cost more than the general parts in most brands.

– Type of compressor: there are three different compressors of each AC, such as the single-stage, two-stage, and variable capacity. You will need to replace the compressor based on the built-in compressor of your AC. Meaning that you cannot upgrade the compressor.

– Warranty coverage: if the compressor is still under warranty, you will just need to pay the installation cost while the compressor will be replaced for free.

– Cost of living: the cost of living in your home area will affect the cost spectrum.

Installation Costs

To repair the entire unit or the compressors, actually it will take around 4 to 6 hours, but some complex problems will require a longer time. However, most of the companies will be able to fix the AC for less than a day. The labor cost for the AC compressor will be around $70 to $130 per hour, but many of the companies have the flat rate pricing guide for the installation costs. The pricing here covers the labor cost as well as the price of the parts needed.

The installation cost here also covers some extras, not only the labor cost, but also fair profit margin; installing the new compressor and the required fittings; disconnecting, removing, and disposing the old compressor; adding the refrigerant and system testing to ensure good refrigerant system; removing and disposing the remaining refrigerant from the system; overhead costs, such as wages, tool, insurance, and equipment.

AC Repair VS. Replacement

Under some circumstances, you will need to replace the AC compressors and forget about repairing it. Sometimes, the repair will cost you a lot more than replacing the new unit. The replacement cost is actually less than the cost needed to install a new AC in your home for the first time.

Before you buy the new AC unit, you need to consider some conditions, such as when you want to the AC heat pump with efficient energy use and cost, to upgrade the model to improve climate control and promote temperature balance, the unit is no longer under warranty, or when the unit has repair issues.

It is better to replace a new unit with a better warranty than keeping the older AC. In the future time, you will need to repair it again and it will cost you more because of the older the unit, the more expensive the cost.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

One customer never has exactly similar request to the other customers. Some might need AC unit for their houses, while several customers buying one for their offices. For this reason, AC manufacturer usually produces a range of products. Each is made to meet customers’ request. However, there are certain brands that target specific market as well.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner is probably one among many that provides many models for different purposes. Buyers could ask for small, medium or big size unit, personal house, office or commercial use unit, and many more. It is probably because this brand bought Goodman to complete product line up.

Referring to Daikin Central AC Reviews, customers are satisfied with its performance. Daikin could really prove its honor as one of global AC brand leader. Buyers will not only get high efficiency but also great durability and warranty. It also offers tons of models with different features. Sure enough, it is difficult to leave without buying one.

Then what about Daikin Central AC Prices? Since it belongs to top product category, people might think that each model has high price. In fact, Daikin is also listed in best affordable brand. Both features seekers and budget buyers could get their best offer from the brand.

Daikin Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Advanced Efficiency Level

In order to maintain its efficiency, Daikin keeps improving its unit. Real work of craftsmanship could be seen on its efficiency level. Among all AC manufacturers, this feature is top leading innovation. Buyers could find it on DX20VC. Other top brands could only manage to get “up to” claim, when DX20VC will actually run on 24.5 SEER.

Ultra high efficiency unit costs more than standard units. The price gap reaches $1000 to $1750 per unit. Unless buyers are ready with this bill, they should consider other models first. Ultra high efficiency product could only show its benefits after 4 to 10 years of use.

Special Manufacture-Produced Compressor

If there is one thing AC unit cannot live without, it will be compressor. This part controls the rest of AC system. Once it fails, buyers will not be able to manage temperature anymore. Many brands share one compressor; Copeland. It is used by Rheem, Goodman, Carrier and many more.

Daikin takes different path and create their compressor. This is one main reason why customers are satisfied with its performance. A lot of Daikin models always make their way to global market for years. In addition, Daikin is also the first brand to offer very efficient mini split ACs. This brand really highlights their efficiency and durability.

Upgraded Indoor Coil

In order to work properly for years, Daikin unit should be able to resist corrosion. For this reason, Daikin chooses aluminum construction for all parts. Inside the machine, buyers could also see thermal expansion valve. It could cut installation time and extend AC unit’s life.

Top Warranties

Don’t all brands give warranty? What is so special about Daikin’s? Now take a look at unit warranty from other competitors. They are mostly 10 years only. On the other hand, Daikin offers 12 years warranty, It applies for all units.


As mentioned previously, each AC unit serves different purpose and aim for different market as well. For example, Daikin is categorized as mid range product. It means that buyers could find premium quality products for cheap price. There are also several models sold in middle range price.

Instead of trying to build ground breaking product, Daikin developers stay humble by creating something from anything they have. Thus, Daikin sticks to minor but impressive changes. As the result, they are also known for their energy efficiency, durability and durability. These three are golden triangle for any AC unit,


Daikin is able to win customer’s heart by maintaining reliability, efficiency and durability. They build their compressor and several other parts. Similar strategy has been used by more senior brands such as Lennox. At first, company thinks that spare parts distribution won’t be a problem. In reality, spare parts should be stocked in all dealers and market region.

While all features from Daikin AC looks tempting, it actually fails to provide several advanced components that are offered in other brands. For buyers who weigh functionality more, they will not think too much about this matter.

Daikin AC Model Reviews and Recommendations


Before looking at lower tier models, buyers should see best offer from Daikin. It is no other than DX20VC. This model has 24.5 SEER rating, currently highest than any other neighbor brands. In addition, its compressor works on variable condition. When temperature gets hotter, unit will automatically switch to more efficient mode.

What about communicating extension? Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come in a pack. Buyers should buy additional items to activate communication system. DX20VC supports it. Later after installation, house owners will see how this model keep cutting energy bill. It has Energy Star label as well.


Usually, manufacturer creates second model that is not too far from its signature unit. Apparently, this is not the case for Daikin. Its second model has quite notable differences. First, take a look at its SEER rating. DX18TC offers 19 SEER, a couple steps behind DX20VC. This model also doesn’t have variable system unit. Buyers could enjoy two stages cooling unit instead.

Just like DX20VC, there is no communication system attached to this model. Therefore, each part works separately without any balance monitoring. However, DX18TC has prepared extension holes for communication system. Another thing buyers could enjoy is its Energy Star label. Keep the unit on without worrying about energy bill.


It is time to check how good low tier products from Daikin work. For those who come with limited budget then DX16SA could be great option. It still serves top performance with 16 SEER rating. This product will work just fine on warm climate area. To support the system, Daikin pair it with single stage cooling unit. It means that DX16SA will work on single speed even if the weather is changing.

There is one more thing buyers need to know about this unit. It has no communication system and is not compatible with it. This condition means two things; house owners should check machine regularly and maintain temperature level manually.


What is the most recommended model from low budget Daikin? It is no other than DX14SA. This brand gets a lot of attention for its Energy Star label. Buyers will pay less both on initial price and energy bill costs.

Get ready to deal with single stage compressor that might be a little bit noisy. There is no communication system to warn you about any error in the unit. Make sure you do regular cleaning, checking and maintenance for long years use.

Daikin Air Conditioner Prices By Model

In case buyers are still confused about AC unit costs, here is a simple formula. Buyers should calculate unit price, installation costs, additional equipments and probably shipping fee. If you are not sure which one is more valuable, then try to compare manual installation and package service.

DX20VC, First, look at its unit only price. Lowest price should be around $3125. Highest unit price is around $4000. Buyers should also add shipping cost and labor fee. If buyers have plans to install additional equipment, then don’t forget to buy those as well. Package service includes one AC unit, installation service and all equipment needed.

Daikin dealers offer package service starting from $3650 to $6125. Depending on living area and complicated work level, buyers might pay the cheaper or more expensive price.

DX18TC, This is second option that has quite different features in it. Don’t be surprised to find that its price is far below DX20VC. Dealers write somewhere between $2555 and $3450 on their price tag. It will be a great deal if buyers have cheap contractors contact and bring unit home by them.

If buyers have none of these requirements, then it is better to take complete package offer. Since it covers installation costs for labor and equipment, so buyers just need to wait at home. Appointed contractor will come and install the unit for you. Don’t forget to prepare $3835 to $5495 for this service.

DX16SA, There are several models sold at cheaper price than DX16SA. This is actually the middle range product from Daikin. Its price is not as expensive as top models. However, it is slightly higher than lower tier units. Price per unit is about $2045 to $2800.

Buying only AC unit will leave more homework for buyers. Practical solution for this problem is paying for all in package. It is around $3535 to $4990.

Daikin AC Prices By Unit Size

Previous price range doesn’t apply to any unit size. Buyers will pay similar price if they take 2,5 ton or 3 ton AC unit. If they need bigger or smaller unit, then the price will be different. Keep in mind; bigger unit costs more. Even so, buyers are not suggested to sacrifice comfort to fit available budget.

2 Ton

Any Daikin model will have size label on it. Those marked as 24 is actually two ton unit. This size fits well for 1001 to 1300 square feet area. Before paying for it, don’t forget to ask whether they have installed option as well. Unit only price starts from $1328 to $3250. Including the installation, buyers might have to pay another $1400 to $2000.

3 Ton

If two ton unit could cover around 1000 square feet, 3 ton must be able to cover even more. To be exact, 3 tons works well for 1601 to 1900 square feet building.
Daikin AC could maintain balanced temperature without working too hard. Be prepared to pay around $1915 to $3625 per unit. Installing and buying additional equipment will cost around $3280 to $5635.

4 Ton

After measuring their houses, buyers find out that their area is about 2201 to 2600 square feet. In this case, which size should they take? The answer is easy; grab the 4 ton unit. One unit is sold for $2100 to $3825. Do you want it to get installed as well? The cost for this service and the unit will be around $3650 to $5825.

5 Ton

What is the biggest size for Daikin unit? It is 5 ton. As expected, this unit covers huge area, as big as 2601 to 3200 square feet. No wonder, one unit is sold at $2285 to $4000. Installation and equipment will make a total of $3865 to $6125.

York Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

There have to be numerous factors you need to consider in choosing the best air conditioner for your house. Each factor is related to each other. Your house size will determine the model and the size of air conditioner. These factors will also determine the air conditioner price. However, there is always one consideration that each consumer will take differently; the brand or the company names.

Speaking of names, we are sure enough to agree that York Central Air Conditioner is amongst the big names in the market. It is not a coincidence that York has its own reputation, since this company was established hundred years ago. Since then, York has been producing hundred or maybe thousand products in the market.

In term of cost, York Central AC Prices are arguably affordable for many kinds of consumers. That is why it is not a surprise that this company has been solid for hundred years. Not only that they always deliver, they also set the product prices as affordable as possible. There are more reasons why this particular brand stands out. Here some more detail about York Central AC Reviews.

York Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Being one of the oldest air conditioner brands in the market, York company definitely understand how to win the market. One of the approaches is by offering their unique features. Being experienced as air conditioner company makes York know the market well and understand what people demand. Hence, here are some unique features from York central air conditioner.

AeroQuiet II System

From its name, you get to know what this feature offers to you. It is safe to say that no home owners want to own an air conditioner with so much disturbing noises. For that matter, York make sure to the customers that they will never have that kind of experience when they use any York products. Most of York air conditioner products can work properly without any unnecessary noises.

York products support a feature called AeroQuiet II System that will minimize the noises production as much as possible. This feature provides the sound level of 72 decibels; as low as you will need for a proper air conditioner. That sound level will give you assurance that the air conditioner will be running quietly. It will also ensure that your air conditioner will not disturb you or your neighbors around you.

Microchannel Coils

Another unique feature from York that you can prove is the Microchannel Coils. In case you are not quite familiar with this feature, this is the standard of any quality control in air conditioner units. The presence of Microchannel Coils will ensure the air conditioners operate with much more reliability.

Not to mention that its compressors are specifically shielded for the system to deal with any extreme temperature as well as extreme pressure. In addition, all of York AC products come with long-lasting coat powder, making the products look in high quality and enormous for this modern days.

Compact Split Systems

This next feature might not be considered as unique since some other brands have it too, but its presence definitely makes those brands are highly rated. Aside from York, top brands like Lennox and Carrier provides this feature too. With compact split systems, you are offered a chance to save some expense from buying any new ducts in your house. Instead, you can consider using ductless unit. All of York LX series are the perfect example of ductless units.

Any units with ductless system normally require zero ductwork, which means will strengthen the built-in protection. Therefore, you can always count that all the compressors in the York LX units are internally protected properly. The end product of these units is normally 35% more robust than any ordinary powder paint end product.


– Given their experience in delivering the products for hundred years, you can expect that York Central AC will serve you with great customer services.

– Most of York Central AC units are eligible for any tax rebates.

– Just like any other air conditioners, the units will provide durable build if they are installed properly, especially York AC units.

– One thing that any other AC brands my not have is the York ACs’ sleek design for this modern era.


– Although the price tags are adjusted by its quality product, some consumers still think that York AC units have high purchase cost.

– Comparing some York AC units with the same price tag, there are some more efficient products in the market.

– York AC units do not provide any labor compared to other competitors, which also means the warranty periods tend to be shorter.

York AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Talking about recommended models, you may receive different recommendations from different owners. Basically, just like any other AC brands, York Central AC provide three categories of air conditioner; basic performance, better performance and best performance.

For the basic performance, they name it LX Economy series. In addition, they name LX Advanced series for the better performance and Affinity series for the best AC performance. If you are looking for any units with Energy Star certification, you have to go for the better and best AC units performance since the basic AC units performance do not have one.

You may also consider about the SEER rating and the unique features. All units from the basic performance category normally provide low SEER rating with no unique features from York; only ordinary features like any other brands have. If you are seeking for those two factors, you have to go for the better and best AC performance.
Here are some examples from the each category:

1. York LX Economy YFE, YCE and YCS

From the basic AC unit performance, these products are the best available options you can have. Just like it was mentioned, these products are not Energy Star certified and all of them are single-staged air conditioners. The products from basic AC unit performance average the 14 SEER rating. However, they are all already support Microchannel Coil, which makes them durable and perfect for small houses.

2. York LX Advanced YFK and YCG

Move to the better category, these two products are the best option for you. Both of them support the unique features from York and are Energy Star certified. They also record the same SEER rating at 17. The only difference is that the YFX series are two-staged air conditioners, while the YCG series are singe-staged. However, they are the best option for those with medium size house.

3. York Affinity YXV and YXT

If you are looking for the best products of York Central AC, these series from Affinity are the best deal you can get. Although both of them are Energy Star certified, they also have some minor differences. In this case, the YXV series is arguably a little bit above then the YXT series.

YXV series are variable-speed air conditioners, while YXT series are two-staged air conditioners. YXV series record the SEER rating of 20, while YXT records the SEER rating of 19. However, both of them are well known as the best two products of York Central AC in the market.

York Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Speaking of price, each category has different price tag. The Affinity series as the best AC unit performance are on the top of the price list, followed by the LX Advanced series then LX Economy series. The pricing is divided into two; the price for its unit only and the price if you include the unit installation cost. It is always suggested to include the unit installation cost if you are not professional on this field.

York LX Economy YCE and YFE, Just like it was mentioned before, these two products are the best option if you go for the basic AC unit performance. These two single-staged air conditioners product record the SEER rating of 14 and are not Energy Star certified. Therefore, the price for the units only is $1.250 and will raise to not more than $3.370 when you include the unit installation cost.

York LX Advanced YCG, Talking about price for the better AC unit performance, it is fair to say that this York LX YCG series is the most recommended in the category. Although this unit is a single-staged air conditioner, York LX YCG series is Energy Star certified with 17 SEER rating. For the unit only, the price is $1.650, while it will become $3.970 when you include the unit installation cost.

York Affinity CZH, The Affinity YXV and YXT series might be the best two of York Central AC products, but in term of price, this Affinity CZH series is arguably a bargain. Provide the similar unique features, this two-staged air conditioner records 18 SEER rating and is already Energy Star certified.

The price for this unit only is $2.250 and it will raise up to $4.580 when you include the unit installation cost. The price might looks high but believe it or not it still as not as high as the Affinity YXV and YXT series.

York AC Prices By Unit Size

Just like it was mentioned at the beginning, your house size will determine the size of air conditioner you need in your house. Too much power for a small house or too little power for a big house will never be efficient. Therefore, here are some guides to decide the proper air conditioner size for your house.

If you live in a house with 600 to 1.000 square feet range, 1,5 ton AC unit will do the job for you. The price for its unit only is $1.095 and will become $3.195 after the unit installation cost added. If you live in a bigger house like 1.300 to 1.600 square feet, you will need a 2,5 ton AC unit. The unit price will be $1.470 and the unit installation cost is $3.770.

If your house is 1.900 to 2.200 square feet big, you will need a 3,5 ton AC unit. Its price will be $1.790 and it will raise to $4.150 when the unit installation cost is added. Then if you live in a house with 2.600 to 3.200 square feet range, all you need is an AC unit with 5 ton size. The price unit will be $2.360 and the unit installation cost is $4.850.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

How customers describe their ideal Air Conditioning Unit? Many of them would agree that high efficiency and affordable prices are the most important factors. When customers describe affordable price, it applies to many aspects; initial price, installation, repairing and maintenance. Big discount in the beginning is not always followed by low cost maintenance.

Buyers’ ideal product is often used as standard or end goal by manufacturers. Goodman Central Air Conditioner is one example that could get close to this standard. It is especially made to set maximum comfort, stand as reliable product in the market and provide best efficiency possible. All these complete packages are offered in competitive price.

Other than Goodman, there are several brands that aim for similar market. Just like Goodman, they have a lot of products varieties, clustered into different categories. In addition to low Goodman Central AC Prices, buyers also consider warranties and features. A lot of products are cheaper than Goodman. When buyers compare their features, only few will change their decision.

Is Goodman product better than other competitors? This is a question that should be answered by customers. If Goodman Central AC Reviews could be used as reference, then Goodman should be at least in top three positions.

Goodman Air Conditioner Features Analysis

Have you heard about frilly AC unit? It refers to any models that add less functional features to its system. It might seem cool at first, but then buyers will realize that these features are not urgently needed. If buyers don’t want to be bothered by frilly features, then Goodman is the best pick.

Lifetime Warranty Compressors

Yes, it is not a joke. Goodman manufacturer is really serious when they put the “lifetime warranty” label on their products. Many buyers must be curious about its secret weapon. Goodman has revolutionary suction accumulator. It works just like standard accumulator, but better at solving its most common problem.

One thing buyers should do during maintenance is cleaning up liquid or debris in suction lines. Neglecting this dirt will affect how the machine operates. AC unit will easily get clogged or getting hot in short time. Goodman has solution for this problem. Its suction accumulator locks any liquid form (mostly refrigerant) away.
Therefore, AC unit will run smoothly without any trouble. Still, buyers might need to pay for repairing after using this unit for one year.

Aluminum Coils

Not long ago, manufacturer thinks that best material to build coil is copper. Soon enough, almost all manufacturers mass produce copper tube. After releasing AC units to the market, customers sent a lot of complaints. Most of them are about corrosive tubes. The cost to replace copper tube is quite high. Customers have no option but to buy. Otherwise, the unit won’t work properly.

In order to solve this problem, manufacturers should find cheap but durable material. Luckily, they have the answer: aluminum foil. All Goodman products are using aluminum fin evaporator coil The chance of getting corrosive won’t happen soon.

Pros :

Probably first thing buyers notice about Goodman products are its low price. This is one quality any other competitors cannot beat. In order to win middle to low income family’s heart, the manufacturers could install fancy features without raising the price. Since better quality product work better, many buyers are naturally drawn to Goodman.

Another good point from Goodman is its reliability. Buyers will get what they see and hear about. There are some cases when buyers are tricked to buy pricey but less useful product. With Goodman, buyers cannot go wrong. Thanks to its high efficiency level, it also helps to save more energy bill.

Cons :

As mentioned above, Goodman produces economy models. It is difficult to take over Goodman position in middle class family market. Unfortunately, manufacturer really focuses on this area only. Usually, the other competitors also offer high end products with some feature upgrades. In Goodman products line, buyers will find no other models.

Have you heard about certain manufacture that trains their contractors to install AC units? Never hope it happens to Goodman contractors. Buyers cannot really ask for recommended contractors from dealers. They will only give any contractor contacts. None of these contractors learn about Goodman installation. In short, buyers should gamble on contractor’s experiences.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Goodman DSXC18

Buyers tend to look for best product in line first before they switch to lower range product. For Goodman, there is no other model on top of DSXC18. It offers best SEER rating; 18 SEER. There are three different models, each has different unit capacity. The smallest capacity is 34000 BTU per hour.

The biggest one is 56000 BTU per hour. All DSXC18 models have two stage fans that work according to temperature change. In addition to all functional stuff, buyers could also get early notice of system malfunction. This higher series from Goodman has built-in diagnostic which could monitor unit’s performance.

Goodman DSXC16

If buyers need second opinion, go for DSXC16. It is the perfect copycat of its higher class sibling, DSXC18. Both install two stage fan in its unit. This AC machine also has Copeland scroll, covered with foam sound blanket. No wonder, buyers will hear minimum noise from the machine.

There is also high and low pressure switch, allowing buyers to change pressure preference. In order to get longer longevity, manufacturer also puts filter drier. It is also possible to connect DSXC16 to ComfortNet Communication System.

This unit is compatible with it. Buyers only need to check regularly the display monitor. If there is any error, it is better to act quick.

Goodman GSX14

In order to find the most Suitable AC unit, buyers must consider a lot of things. One of them is living area climate. Variable stage fan might be the best cooling and heating property, but some houses could do well with single stage fan. Thus, they might want to take a look at GSX14.

As mentioned in its name, GSX14 offers 14 SEER capabilities. It produces tolerable noise; 73 Decible. For finishing, this unit won’t rust on its first years. To maintain level temperature, manufacturer gets aluminum fin coil. Anytime the unit needs to be repaired, contractors could get easy access from the top and both sides.

Goodman GSX13

Those who are looking for durable and affordable unit should check this model first. It works with 13 SEER and three split systems. Buyers could pick different size, starting from 1,5 to 5 ton. Installing one unit could produce 18000 to 60000 BTU per hour.

Goodman also slips a little bit twist for this AC Unit. This technology is called Smartcoil Technology. It helps heat transfer process by combining different parts such as copper tubing and aluminum fins.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices by Model

How could buyers get fair comparison for Goodman AC unit? First, they should pick most common house size. For common houses, perfect size for AC unit is 2.5 ton. Then, they also need to measure how well each unit size perform. After comparing these factors, buyers will have better conclusion of Goodman models.

Goodman DSXC18, Do you want the strongest unit from Goodman? DSCX18 is the answer. It includes only top features that aim to maintain most comfortable atmosphere. For unit only, the price is up to $1850. Installation and unit could be bought as a package. It costs around $4100 per unit.

Goodman DSXC16, Those who often see a lot of top brands might think that AC unit is pricey. It is because the lowest price for unit and installation is always over $4000. If buyers are looking for budget models, then try to look at DSXC16. Unit only is sold at $1580. Ask for installation package and you must pay only $3620 per unit.

Goodman GSX16, Middle option from Goodman series is GSX16. It is neither too fancy nor too shabby. Buyers will get just enough cooling power. Do you like the idea? If yes, then be prepared to pay $1405 for system only. Add installation cost and the total billing will be $3505.

Goodman GSX14, Now it is time to discuss about low tier product. Keep in mind that low tier is not similar to low quality. This product has equal value between its price and feature. Buyers don’t need long time to save money. Unit only costs around $1250. Installation by contractors will add up another $2000.

Goodman GSX13, Some buyers scan through models’ price before they finally look into their features one by one. In the other words, this unit offers lowest price for buyers. GSX13 sells system for only $1190. Calling contractors separately and ask for their service will cost $3100 per unit.

Goodman AC Prices By Unit Size

Have buyers calculate their house anatomy before deciding on AC unit? Factors such as number of windows, entrance position, and insulation play big roles. They affect how heat and cold is circulated inside the house. House owners could even calculate the hot and cold spot. After house owners learn about these information, how should they decide on the size?

1,5 ton

Smallest unit available is 1,5 ton. It is perfect size for small apartment for individual worker. They live in area of 600 to 1000 square feet. House owner could only have one bedroom, working space, kitchen and bathroom. This simple setting costs $1145 for system only. Installation could be included, but the price will double up to $3295.

2,5 ton

General houses are often built on 1301 to 1600 square feet area. Thus, they need something stronger than 1,5 ton AC unit. The most recommended size for any house with this coverage is 1,5 ton. It is sold at $1490 for one unit. There is also complete package, including the installation. It costs around $3670or maybe more. .

3,5 ton

Bless those who own a big house. They must have been built on 1901 to 2200 square feet area. If buyers want to cool down the house’s overall temperature, then take bigger size AC unit. 3,5 ton unit has $1845 price tag. It will be even higher when buyers want to include installation as well; $4145 per unit.

5 ton

Business office or any department stores will automatically call for highest unit possible. If your area is between 2601 to 3200 square feet, then take 5 ton AC unit. Otherwise, you might feel hot during the day. Unit only costs around $2590 per unit. Including installation, the cost will be $5430.

Trane Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Many of you must have heard about how installation affects the whole life of air conditioner. In order to minimize the risk, buyers usually find better contractors. This solution might or might not work. Contractors learn to install air conditioner from experiences. Thus, chance of errors is still there.

It will be a different story with Trane Central Air Conditioner. Its parent company specifically trains contractors on how to install the unit. This service is free and part of exclusive contract between company and dealers. As the result, contractors will have no trouble while installing the unit. Moreover, it will guarantee better durability.

This is one of the reasons why Trane Central AC Prices is so worthy. Buyers could try to compare this brand with several moderate budget competitors. It is not Trane’s nature to put up third party parts. When buyers are looking for spare, they have to queue in line first. For units’ parts availability rank, Trane is placed quite high.

Looking at Trane Central AC Reviews, buyers could tell that many previous buyers are pleased with its quality and price. If buyers want air conditioning that last for years, then Trane should be one of the top lists.

Trane Air Conditioner Features

Trane is known to be quite exclusive brand, thanks to its sister product American Standard. Built as the “affordable version” of American Standard, Trane comes strong with several special features buyers cannot find in other products.

Spine Fin Coil

In air conditioning unit, Fin Coil functions as radiator. Many AC products take traditional coil. Trane, of course, put different type of coil in its system. This coil is called spine fin coil. Compared to traditional spine, this special coil has wider surface area. It helps air conditioning unit to lower room temperature in no time. Spine fin coil is also featured in American Standard.

Climatuff Compressors

Another great feature from Trane is its compressors. Separating itself from the other brands, Trane takes Climatuff Compressor. Only Trane uses this kind of compressor. Buyers could find this feature in outdoor unit. Having this compressor will pump refrigerant until unit could reach desired temperature.

Buyers might be curious whether Climatuff compressor is better, equal or even worse than standard compressors. Judging from its function, it is just as good as the most popular brand; Copeland Ultra Tech. Therefore, buyers won’t get less powerful machine.

ComfortLink II Communicating Technology

Another fancy technology buyers could get from Trane is ComfortLink II Communicating Technology. This is literally the highest form of communication setting for air conditioning unit. It will show troubles or bugs in unit system. Without this technology, buyers need to check AC unit manually. Certain version will also record error history.

There is no other communication technology that could perform better. It balances temperature information from each unit and works its way to reach desired temperature. To make this feature works properly, contractors need specific items and installation technique. Buyers should check these additional items before buying one for their houses.


Each buyer has different preferences. One might look for budget product, while some others aim for high durability item. For sure, Trane belongs to the second category. It is composed to stand harsh environment and maintain long durability. When buyers see all Trane lines, they all have Energy Star label. Only one product hasn’t had this label yet.

It also offers various products as well. There are single stage, two stage and variable capacity for central air conditioners. Buyers could mix and match features to find best product they need.


Most Trane models are premium items. Therefore, buyers will prepare more budgets to bring one home. Try to compare prices from all famous brands. Trane would be in the middle. It cannot be said as the most affordable but not the most expensive as well.

Another bad news comes from its communication technology. Yes, it is the fanciest feature. Even not all top brands have this feature. At first, buyers might be happy to get colorful and functional product on their AC unit. Now imagine if it fails to work.

Buyers might think that communication tool will not affect the entire unit. This is wrong. Once communication tool fails, each unit will be affected eventually. Replacing this will cost a lot.

Trane AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Trane XV20

As the title suggests, this is a product with highest perfection among all Trane products. Buyers who had bought this model never complained about it. With traditional AC unit, home owners often get hooter or colder temperature. It happens gradually, so later they have to adjust thermometer again and again.

XV20i offers steady level to room temperature. Smart machine works well to prevent large temperature swing. If daily climate gets hotter, then AC unit will decrease the room temperature. It is partly handy work of variable speed. Do you think that flexible machine raise energy bill? Not really.

Trane XV18

Is there any Trane product that reaches 18 SEER? Get XV18 then. It already takes variable speed fan. In addition, this unit also pairs up sound insulator and integrated fan. Buyers will enjoy low decibel noise, only 55 decibel. XV18 has strong components both internally and externally.

For internal part, Spine Fin coil is covered with aluminum, resisting corrosion better than any other Trane model. Moreover, aluminum material delivers heat faster. Contractors will have no trouble to install the unit. It has two wire connection and full galvanized steel louvered. XV18 has communication technology for maximum machine efficiency.

Trane XR16

Some houses are located in very warm or very humid area. In this case, they don’t need high efficiency product. Two stages AC unit will be enough. This machine works well to balance temperature. It also neutralizes humidity level in the house. Want something even stronger? Then pair it up with variable speed blower.
Another reason to choose this model is its Energy Star label. Buyers will be able to save a lot of money on annual cost. Its maintenance cost is low as well. Most parts in this machine are rust resistant and made to last for years.

Trane XR14

In several conditions, one stage AC unit works better than the other options. From Trane line, best option is XR14. Its efficiency level is 16 SEER. Climatuff compressor is also included, backing up the AC unit to perform even better. For insulation, XR14 could control the noise as low as 72 decibel. It might not be the quietest, but it is good enough for single stage unit.

Maintenance level for the outdoor unit should be performed monthly. Make sure there are no leaves, fine dust, ice or snow in the machine. These materials will affect how the machine works. For outer finishing, buyers need to clean dust carefully with soap and water.

Trane Air Conditioner Prices by Model

When buyers first see product catalogue, they will see different models and its features. Next, buyers will see the price as well. Keep in mind that there are two types of price; unit only and installation cost.

Trane XV20i, As the highest model from Trane, buyers cannot expect to have cheap price. They should be prepared to pay more than the other models. Trane XV20i is sold for $3650 for system only. People who want to add installation will pay $7620. It might seem costly, but buyers don’t need to worry about installation process.

Trane XL20i, This model is literally one step behind XV20i. Thus, it is slightly cheaper than highest model. For only system, buyers need to pay $2980. Remember that buyers still need to pay contractors to install the unit. If buyers need all in package, then buyers will pay $6420 per unit.

Trane XL19i, It is still from high end product of Trane. XL19i is on the third line of Trane brand. Buyers get fairly well product for high end liner. It costs $2550 for unit only. Including installation, buyers must pay around $6000 per unit. Think carefully whether this is a worthy price.

Trane XR15, For any model under $6000, buyers should look into XR15 first. It belongs to affordable items from Trane. It is great news to have $1850 for unit only. Don’t want to get headache from installation service? Pay a little bit more to include installation; $5170 only per unit.

Trane XL15i, Another moderate option from Trane could be found on XL15i. Even though it is listed in low tier items, its performance is good. One unit price is $1760. For additional installation service, buyers will pay additional $3330. In total, the bill will be $5090. Isn’t it great?

Trane AC Prices By Unit Size

Air Conditioning has different size. To determine which size fits to buyers’ house, they need to measure the total area of the house. The bigger the house, the bigger AC unit buyers need to buy. Matching house size with AC unit is important to get ideal temperature.

1,5 ton

No matter how small your house is, the smallest unit size available is 1,5 ton. It fits well for 600 to 1000 square feet. If your house is smaller than this area, it is suggested to keep 1,5 ton unit. The price for AC Unit and coils is $1655. Get the system installed to your house for $4755.

2 ton

Bigger house built on 1001 to 1300 square feet area should forget 1,5 ton unit. What will happen if you keep installing smallest unit? Your house won’t be able to chill during hot summer. Avert this problem by installing 2 ton unit for $5050. For AC Unit and coils, the price is $1760.

3 ton

AC unit should get bigger as the house area get bigger as well. For example, a house on 1601 to 1900 square feet needs at least 3 tons size unit. Buy AC unit and coils for $2020 only. Pair it with installation for $5470.

4 ton

This is one out of two biggest sizes in Trane model. One 4 ton unit could cover 2201 to 2600 square feet. In several cases, contractors might offer bigger size unit. It applies to multi stories house or any houses with hallways. Otherwise, this house will not be able to get desired temperature.

5 ton

Biggest Trane model available is 5 ton. It could manage temperature in 2601 to 3200 square feet. Buying only AC unit and coils will cost $2860. Installing 5 ton unit system will cost around $7120.

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