Trane Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Many of you must have heard about how installation affects the whole life of air conditioner. In order to minimize the risk, buyers usually find better contractors. This solution might or might not work. Contractors learn to install air conditioner from experiences. Thus, chance of errors is still there.

It will be a different story with Trane Central Air Conditioner. Its parent company specifically trains contractors on how to install the unit. This service is free and part of exclusive contract between company and dealers. As the result, contractors will have no trouble while installing the unit. Moreover, it will guarantee better durability.

This is one of the reasons why Trane Central AC Prices is so worthy. Buyers could try to compare this brand with several moderate budget competitors. It is not Trane’s nature to put up third party parts. When buyers are looking for spare, they have to queue in line first. For units’ parts availability rank, Trane is placed quite high.

Looking at Trane Central AC Reviews, buyers could tell that many previous buyers are pleased with its quality and price. If buyers want air conditioning that last for years, then Trane should be one of the top lists.

Trane Air Conditioner Features

Trane is known to be quite exclusive brand, thanks to its sister product American Standard. Built as the “affordable version” of American Standard, Trane comes strong with several special features buyers cannot find in other products.

Spine Fin Coil

In air conditioning unit, Fin Coil functions as radiator. Many AC products take traditional coil. Trane, of course, put different type of coil in its system. This coil is called spine fin coil. Compared to traditional spine, this special coil has wider surface area. It helps air conditioning unit to lower room temperature in no time. Spine fin coil is also featured in American Standard.

Climatuff Compressors

Another great feature from Trane is its compressors. Separating itself from the other brands, Trane takes Climatuff Compressor. Only Trane uses this kind of compressor. Buyers could find this feature in outdoor unit. Having this compressor will pump refrigerant until unit could reach desired temperature.

Buyers might be curious whether Climatuff compressor is better, equal or even worse than standard compressors. Judging from its function, it is just as good as the most popular brand; Copeland Ultra Tech. Therefore, buyers won’t get less powerful machine.

ComfortLink II Communicating Technology

Another fancy technology buyers could get from Trane is ComfortLink II Communicating Technology. This is literally the highest form of communication setting for air conditioning unit. It will show troubles or bugs in unit system. Without this technology, buyers need to check AC unit manually. Certain version will also record error history.

There is no other communication technology that could perform better. It balances temperature information from each unit and works its way to reach desired temperature. To make this feature works properly, contractors need specific items and installation technique. Buyers should check these additional items before buying one for their houses.


Each buyer has different preferences. One might look for budget product, while some others aim for high durability item. For sure, Trane belongs to the second category. It is composed to stand harsh environment and maintain long durability. When buyers see all Trane lines, they all have Energy Star label. Only one product hasn’t had this label yet.

It also offers various products as well. There are single stage, two stage and variable capacity for central air conditioners. Buyers could mix and match features to find best product they need.


Most Trane models are premium items. Therefore, buyers will prepare more budgets to bring one home. Try to compare prices from all famous brands. Trane would be in the middle. It cannot be said as the most affordable but not the most expensive as well.

Another bad news comes from its communication technology. Yes, it is the fanciest feature. Even not all top brands have this feature. At first, buyers might be happy to get colorful and functional product on their AC unit. Now imagine if it fails to work.

Buyers might think that communication tool will not affect the entire unit. This is wrong. Once communication tool fails, each unit will be affected eventually. Replacing this will cost a lot.

Trane AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Trane XV20

As the title suggests, this is a product with highest perfection among all Trane products. Buyers who had bought this model never complained about it. With traditional AC unit, home owners often get hooter or colder temperature. It happens gradually, so later they have to adjust thermometer again and again.

XV20i offers steady level to room temperature. Smart machine works well to prevent large temperature swing. If daily climate gets hotter, then AC unit will decrease the room temperature. It is partly handy work of variable speed. Do you think that flexible machine raise energy bill? Not really.

Trane XV18

Is there any Trane product that reaches 18 SEER? Get XV18 then. It already takes variable speed fan. In addition, this unit also pairs up sound insulator and integrated fan. Buyers will enjoy low decibel noise, only 55 decibel. XV18 has strong components both internally and externally.

For internal part, Spine Fin coil is covered with aluminum, resisting corrosion better than any other Trane model. Moreover, aluminum material delivers heat faster. Contractors will have no trouble to install the unit. It has two wire connection and full galvanized steel louvered. XV18 has communication technology for maximum machine efficiency.

Trane XR16

Some houses are located in very warm or very humid area. In this case, they don’t need high efficiency product. Two stages AC unit will be enough. This machine works well to balance temperature. It also neutralizes humidity level in the house. Want something even stronger? Then pair it up with variable speed blower.
Another reason to choose this model is its Energy Star label. Buyers will be able to save a lot of money on annual cost. Its maintenance cost is low as well. Most parts in this machine are rust resistant and made to last for years.

Trane XR14

In several conditions, one stage AC unit works better than the other options. From Trane line, best option is XR14. Its efficiency level is 16 SEER. Climatuff compressor is also included, backing up the AC unit to perform even better. For insulation, XR14 could control the noise as low as 72 decibel. It might not be the quietest, but it is good enough for single stage unit.

Maintenance level for the outdoor unit should be performed monthly. Make sure there are no leaves, fine dust, ice or snow in the machine. These materials will affect how the machine works. For outer finishing, buyers need to clean dust carefully with soap and water.

Trane Air Conditioner Prices by Model

When buyers first see product catalogue, they will see different models and its features. Next, buyers will see the price as well. Keep in mind that there are two types of price; unit only and installation cost.

Trane XV20i, As the highest model from Trane, buyers cannot expect to have cheap price. They should be prepared to pay more than the other models. Trane XV20i is sold for $3650 for system only. People who want to add installation will pay $7620. It might seem costly, but buyers don’t need to worry about installation process.

Trane XL20i, This model is literally one step behind XV20i. Thus, it is slightly cheaper than highest model. For only system, buyers need to pay $2980. Remember that buyers still need to pay contractors to install the unit. If buyers need all in package, then buyers will pay $6420 per unit.

Trane XL19i, It is still from high end product of Trane. XL19i is on the third line of Trane brand. Buyers get fairly well product for high end liner. It costs $2550 for unit only. Including installation, buyers must pay around $6000 per unit. Think carefully whether this is a worthy price.

Trane XR15, For any model under $6000, buyers should look into XR15 first. It belongs to affordable items from Trane. It is great news to have $1850 for unit only. Don’t want to get headache from installation service? Pay a little bit more to include installation; $5170 only per unit.

Trane XL15i, Another moderate option from Trane could be found on XL15i. Even though it is listed in low tier items, its performance is good. One unit price is $1760. For additional installation service, buyers will pay additional $3330. In total, the bill will be $5090. Isn’t it great?

Trane AC Prices By Unit Size

Air Conditioning has different size. To determine which size fits to buyers’ house, they need to measure the total area of the house. The bigger the house, the bigger AC unit buyers need to buy. Matching house size with AC unit is important to get ideal temperature.

1,5 ton

No matter how small your house is, the smallest unit size available is 1,5 ton. It fits well for 600 to 1000 square feet. If your house is smaller than this area, it is suggested to keep 1,5 ton unit. The price for AC Unit and coils is $1655. Get the system installed to your house for $4755.

2 ton

Bigger house built on 1001 to 1300 square feet area should forget 1,5 ton unit. What will happen if you keep installing smallest unit? Your house won’t be able to chill during hot summer. Avert this problem by installing 2 ton unit for $5050. For AC Unit and coils, the price is $1760.

3 ton

AC unit should get bigger as the house area get bigger as well. For example, a house on 1601 to 1900 square feet needs at least 3 tons size unit. Buy AC unit and coils for $2020 only. Pair it with installation for $5470.

4 ton

This is one out of two biggest sizes in Trane model. One 4 ton unit could cover 2201 to 2600 square feet. In several cases, contractors might offer bigger size unit. It applies to multi stories house or any houses with hallways. Otherwise, this house will not be able to get desired temperature.

5 ton

Biggest Trane model available is 5 ton. It could manage temperature in 2601 to 3200 square feet. Buying only AC unit and coils will cost $2860. Installing 5 ton unit system will cost around $7120.

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