Armstrong Air Conditioner Reviews And Buying Guide

Customer is king. This phrase is still valid until today. It basically means that sales should give their best service to buyers. They should try to find best offer for customers. Now what if buyers don’t even know what to look for from a product? Comparing product’s features on the shop should be the last scene seen.

First consideration before buying air conditioner is its features. You must prefer some offers from manufacturer with great reputation. One of them is Armstrong Central Conditioner. Being in HVAC business since 1928, Armstrong Company knows how to maintain fair price while keeping up with latest technology in the market. No wonder, many customers give positive feedback on its product.

Some people describe Armstrong Central AC Prices as something “too good to be true”. HVAC products take pride of their features. It is almost like a race of newest technology investment. Armstrong seems uninterested to win top place. However, they keep introducing upgraded version of their product. In the end, people come and take a closer look.

No matter how great a product, their durability, effectiveness and power could only be proven after years. If you read some Armstrong Central AC Reviews, there will be few bad comments. These customers mostly hire wrogn contractor, so the unit is not installed properly.

Armstrong Central Air Conditioner Features

Integrated Compressor Protection

You often heard about highly efficient product that could maintain stable temperature. What about a product that could protect its internal system? Armstrong is the first to introduce such concept. It is called Integrated Compressor Protection. There us high and low pressure in all Armstrong products.

High pressure will be activated when the pressure of refrigerant almost surpass safe level. It is when AC unit is overheated or work too hard. On the other hand, low pressure switch will stop machine from working when there is no refrigerant left. Keep running the AC unit will draw in moisture and other foreign matter. They might harm parts of internal system.

MHTTM Technology

In AC unit, fan plays big role. Armstrong has specific design for its products. It is called MHTTM technology. It helps to run fan in most efficient manner. This system allows sufficient air to be pulled through coil surface. If you look closely, this surface has rifled tubing. It directs air flow inside.

There is another hand loop on the system. This loop has laced fin which delay air flow for milliseconds. As the result, air will have longer contact with metal in the system. All of these processes are combined together and boost efficiency level as well as AC unit performance.

High SEER Energy Efficiency

One of the features any brand would always mention is SEER. Basically, higher SEER means better performance and less energy consumption. Latest technology has up to 21 energy rating. Armstrong doesn’t reach this level yet. Even so, their top line product has 18 SEER label. Compared to the other products from Armstrong, 18 SEER AC model has higher price.

Latest technology is not always the best option for your house. Consider a lot of things before buying AC unit. Armstrong offers different range of SEER. Lower line models have 13 SEER. The others are varied from 13 to 16 SEER.

Communicating Technology

Many other brands also offer communication technology. What makes item from Armstrong different? Several other brands make their communication board as tool to maintain temperature level only. Machine should work as efficient as possible to meet the temperature standard. In some cases, AC unit must take more energy.

Armstrong sets their product in different level. It works to maintain temperature and also protects the parts inside the unit. This way, Armstrong product could last longer and give best performance. While installing it, buyers might be offered to take Comfort Sync Thermostat as well. Combining these two systems will ensure early warning on fault system for both owners and contractors.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Armstrong 4SCU20LX

Let’s start from best offer from Armstrong. Some reviews mention that this model could give perfect temperature control in the house. There is no “too cold” or “too hot” complaint. For this reason, 4SCU20LX is perfect choice for summer or winter. Also, compared to standard air conditioner, Armstrong unit could save 50% energy.

Have you heard about remote control for AC unit? Armstrong product offers this benefit for buyers. There is a system called comfort sync. House owners could install an app on their smart phone and easily set the temperature remotely. Don’t worry about noise pollution; 4SCU20LX only produces 72 dB sounds.

Armstrong 4SCU18LS

For cooling system, some models from Armstrong use two stage systems. On stable temperature, it will turn on lower energy machine. When temperature rises or drops, the machine will switch to maximum power system. 4SCU18LS is an example that uses two stage systems. It has 18 SEER, still perfect for energy saving lovers.

Your love for simplicity must be another reason to buy this unit. A communication system is installed inside this model. Once you activate it, just check on board regularly. Maintenance schedule or any error detection will be presented to you. Isn’t that great?

Armstrong 4SCU16LS

If you need more recommendation on another two stage cooling system, 4SCU16LS should be the one. Compared to its brother, there are only two differences. First, 4SCU16LS offers 16 SEER instead of 18. There will be no big gap in terms of performance and efficiency. However, it comes in cheaper price.

Second, buyers will get a slightly noisy sound. While doing hard work, 4SCU16LS produces 75 dB sounds. Again, this should not be a big problem unless house owners are very sensitive to any sound. This model is also equipped with communication system. It is possible to pair with another diagnostic tool.

Armstrong 4SCU14LB

How well the low tier model from Armstrong work? Surprisingly, this model is too good to ignore. Imagine getting 14 SEER units for under $1500! It would be fantastic to be able to save more on energy bills and initial price. Instead of forcing two stages machine, manufacturer gets single stage fan in this model. There will be only one power setting.

Just like any single stage AC unit, there must be quite loud noise coming from the machine. Luckily, Armstrong unit still produce average noise, not louder than other competitors’ model. Be careful with maintenance though. There is no communication system, so buyers should do regular checking.

Armstrong Central Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Be honest, you must look at price tag no matter how great the features are. It is a normal tendency from buyers with limited budget. To help you decide, don’t forget to apply conditions. For example, you could compare their price after including 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, 1300 CFM air handler and programmable AC thermostat.

Armstrong 4SCU20LX, It would be a lie if customers say they don’t desire 4SCU20LX first. This is the best and most upgraded model from Armstrong. Don’t be confused with two prices on the tag. One is for unit only and another is all in package. If you choose unit only, you are responsible for shipping and installation costs.

Price per 4SCU20LX unit is $2050. Remember that bad installation will cut probably half of products’ life expectancy. Thus, it is recommended to take all in product. This package includes installation cost as well. Total bill will show $4560.

Armstrong 4SCU16LS, Starting from this model on, buyers could expect to get affordable price. 4SCU16LS is almost as strong as 4SCU20LX, but it is sold at relatively low price. For unit only, buyers should pay $1380. Then, it is up to buyers to pick shipping method and contractors to do installation job.

What if buyers don’t have any contractor recommendation? It is okay. There is a complete installation package you can buy for $3780. After paying, you could go home and wait for contractors to come. They will bring 4SCU16LS to your house and do all the work. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Armstrong 4SCU14LB, Do you urgently need AC unit but in tight budget? Be happy as Armstrong offer all in package for under $3500. You won’t spend hours trying to call and compare contractors. They would come to your house instead. To be exact, you will pay around $3250 only. Those who really have limited budget might take unit only. It is only $1050 per piece.

Armstrong Central AC Prices by Unit Size

Buyers will see several models while buying AC unit. Each of them has different features. In addition to this variation, buyers should also learn about AC unit size. Every model is available on different size, ranging from 1,5 to 5 ton. Which one is the most suitable on your house?

1,5 Ton

Smallest unit size is 1,5 ton. Be careful though. Never buy it just because this size has cheapest price. Size affects how AC unit could cool down the rooms. 1,5 ton could cover 600 to 1000 square feet area. If your house is bigger than that, then try other sizes.

If you want to buy system only, then it is less than $1000! 1,5 ton unit price is $945. Complete package for installation will cost three times higher; around $3000 per unit.

2,5 Ton

Once again, AC unit size should match area size. It is not recommended to get bigger or smaller size. AC unit will either make too hot or too cold temperature. If you live in 1302 to 1600 square feet area, then this size is for you. Enjoy comfortable temperature and many other great benefits.

Purchasing one unit only will cost around $1190. Keep in mind that this price is not including installation yet. Make sure to have at least one contractor contact in hand. Buying unit plus installation package is recommended. However, you might need more time to save money. It cost $3300 per unit.

3,5 Ton

Big house deserves decent size to get even temperature. 3.5 ton unit will be perfect choice for those who live in 1901 to 2200 square feet area. You might be suggested to install bigger size under special conditions. Otherwise, this size is strong enough. Unit only will cost you $1545. Add installation costs and the total will be $3825

Bryant Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

Bryant central conditioner has been trusted as one of the high-efficient central air conditioners. Meaning that this AC will work well in keeping you cool during summer while keeping the energy bills low.

This company adds lots of great features for their products so that you can enjoy quiet operation and great energy efficiency. The specialized louvered coil is added to ensure that the products don’t harm the environment. No wonder, this brand has earned Energy Star certification for some products. The good news is Bryant central AC prices are quite affordable compared to its competitors.

Another good news is that the products are all tested well so that they won’t have a problem once they are installed in your home. If you are also interested in buying the AC from this brand, don’t worry, you can read this Bryant central AC reviews and you will know whether this brand suits your needs or not.

What’s Difference Between Bryant and Carrier?

Some people often mistaken this brand with Carrier because the products have the same characteristics and the only difference you can spot is the logo. Actually, Carrier and Bryant come from the same parent company, United Technologies Corp and this company is also the one that manufactures Heil and Payne.

If you are asking the differences between Bryant and Carrier, there are not many answers here because they share lots of similarities rather than differences. Both Bryant and Carrier have made 17 models so far and you can notice that 16 models are exactly the same.

The similarities here lay on the common parts they are using. Although they are different in details, the common parts, such as fans, coils, compressors, and other components are used for both brands. However, Bryant has lower pricing compared to Carrier for a similar unit. If you want to save more dollars, the AC form Bryant will be the best choice.

Bryant Central Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Bryant central AC is the best low-range AC you can choose. But, before you decide to buy it or choose other brands, you need to know the following pros and cons of this brand.

Multiple-Stage Cooling Units

The first highlighted feature of this brand is the single and multiple-stage cooling units for its products. Compared to the single-stage unit, the multiple-stage cooling unit is widely chosen by the customers and thankfully this brand also offers lots of products with this feature.

The multiple-stage cooling unit employs a variable speed air to adjust the airflow inside the house. The multiple-stage AC runs on two speeds and they will adjust the speed based on the surrounding air; low speed when you don’t need lots of cooling and high speed during a hot day. This multiple-stage cooling unit will provide you with steadier cool air compared to the single-stage cooling unit. With this multiple-stage cooling unit, you won’t feel that your house is too hot or too cold anymore.

Pressure Switches

The pressure switch is one of the important parts of the AC because it monitors the pressure of hat may damage the compressor. Bryant central AC also has the low and high-pressure switches for their units. Both of the pressure switches protect the compressor to run on too low or too high pressure.

If the unit keeps running on low pressure, the compressor can be damaged because of the low oil. When the unit keeps running on high pressure, the compressor can also be damaged because of the overheating. The pressure switches here will automatically turn off the unit when the pressure is too low or too high to keep the compressor healthy and ensure the safety of everyone near the unit.


The downside of Bryant central AC is the warranty for Legacy series. From the website, you can know that the units have a 10-years warranty, but the contractors say that the units only have 5-years warranty which doesn’t really enough for AC lifespan.

The average lifespan for central AC is around 10 to 15 years and you need to negotiate the warranty with your contractor. It will be good if they can extend the warranty, but if not, it is better for you to switch to Evolution or Preferred series.

However, some also mention that this brand limits the warranty for 10-years only which is better than 5-years warranty. The warranty will only cover the parts and it will be the same for all series and models. If you cannot get an extended warranty from the contractors, it is better to choose other brands that offer you a lifetime warranty.


The claim about the quiet operation is not really true because some customers say that they are disturbed with the noise from the unit. The noise level is around 56 to 76 dB which is noisier compared to other units by other brands. If you prefer quieter AC, you need to prepare to pay more.

Bryant AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Bryant central AC comes with three different series, from the top-end series, middle-end series, and low-end series. Each series has its own pros and cons. Before you buy one, here are some model reviews and recommendations for you.

Evolution 189BNV

The best Bryant AC series is this Bryant Evolution series and Evolution 189BNV is one of them. This AC model has 19 SEER rating and 13 EER rating efficiency. This model also runs in multiple-stage cooling operation up to 5 stages. The cooling operation makes you more comfortable because it can adjust the temperature well. It will also help you save more money because the cooling operation is totally energy savings.

This model also has Evolution Connex control that will give the optimal dehumidification capability. This model is also built with Puron refrigerant and it is environment-friendly. Compared to other models, this model operates at low speed around 56 dB that makes the operation quieter. You are also able to control the AC anywhere at any time because all models in this series let you do so.

Evolution 180B

If you are looking for an AC that will fit your big house, this Evolution 180B is the answer because it sizes is 5.0 ton/60,000 BTU capacity. Compared to the previous model, this model has a higher efficiency rate up to 20 SEER with two-stage cooling operation. Not only giving better performance, but you can also cut the energy bills to half. No wonder this model also has Energy Star qualified.

This AC runs at 68 dB and it also adopts AeroQuiet II system that will promote quieter operation. Controlling this AC will also become easier with Evolution touchscreen with programmable control to make better settings. Compared to other models, this model is very suitable for those who live in a warm climate.

Evolution 180B

Bryant Evolution 180B is 21 SEER and 15 EER efficiency rate with two-stage cooling operation that will lower the energy bills for you. The sound is 66 dB which is as quiet as a vacuum. Thanks to Wifi remote capability and the Evolution Connex Control, you can also control this AC anywhere and anytime.

Similar to the previous models, it also uses Puront refrigerant that makes the AC more environment-friendly. This AC comes with 10 years warranty upon registration, but it can last more than 20 years with scheduled maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about the warranty.

Bryant Central Air Conditioner Prices by Model

Bryant central AC comes with three different models that you can choose, Evolution series, Preferred series, and Legacy series. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of SEER, affordability, silence, designs, reliability, and quality. To find the best Bryant AC for you, you need to compare each model with equal comparison, namely 1300 to 1400 CFM air handler, 2.5-ton outdoor condenser, and programmable AC thermostat.

Evolution 180B will cost you $2,450 for the AC unit only without installation and $5,600 for AC unit and installation.

Evolution 189BNV will cost you $2,080 for the AC unit only without installation and $4,800 for AC unit and installation.

Evolution 187BNC and 187B will cost you $1,840 for the AC unit only without installation and $4,530 for AC unit and installation.

Evolution 186B will cost you $1,650 for the AC unit only without installation and $4,300 for AC unit and installation.

Preferred 127A will cost you $1,690 for the AC unit only without installation and $4,290 for AC unit and installation.

Preferred 126B will cost you $1,590 for the AC unit only without installation and $4,090 for AC unit and installation.

Preferred 124ANS will cost you $1,450 for the AC unit only without installation and $3,920 for AC unit and installation.

Preferred 123A and 538A will cost you $1,360 for the AC unit only without installation and $3,980 for AC unit and installation.

Legacy 106A and 116B will cost you $1,455 for AC unit only without installation and $2,880 for the AC unit and installation.

Legacy 105A will cost you $1,320 for the AC unit only without installation and $3,750 for AC unit and installation.

Legacy 104C and 114CNC will cost you $1,295 for the AC unit only without installation and $2,555 for AC unit and installation.

Legacy 113A will cost you $1,195 for the AC unit only without installation and $3,355 for AC unit and installation.

Bryant Central AC Prices by Unit Size

After you have chosen a suitable model based on your needs, you cannot forget that you also need to choose the correct size and capacity that will be suitable for your home. The size of the AC is measured by Tons ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. For a home that is 1000 to 1300 square feet, you will need 2 Ton AC.

To find the best size AC for your house, you also need to set equal parameters, such as each unit has 1300 to 1400 CFM air handler, Bryant 15 SEER 2-ton outdoor condenser, and programmable thermostat.

1.5-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 600-1000 square feet home and it will cost you $1,195 for the AC unit only and $3,795 for the AC unit and installation.

2-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 1001-1300 square feet home and it will cost you $1,320 for AC unit only and $4,050 for the AC unit and installation.

2.5-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 1301-1600 square feet home and it will cost you $1,470 for the AC unit only and $4,270 for AC unit and installation.

3-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 1601-1900 square feet home and it will cost you $1,620 for the AC unit only and $4,420 for AC unit and installation.

3.5-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 1901-2200 square feet home and it will cost you $1,780 for the AC unit only and $4,520 for AC unit and installation.

4-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 2201-2600 square feet home and it will cost you $1,910 for AC unit only and $4,930 for AC unit and installation.

5-ton AC unit size will be suitable for 2601-3200 square feet home and it will cost you $2,250 for the AC unit only and $5,805 for AC unit and installation.

Rheem Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

For the last decades, Rheem is well known as not only a top furnace brand but also an air conditioner as well. Rheem Central Conditioner has the reputation of producing efficient and reliable air conditioner products. Rheem Central AC has been known for delivering top notch service.

No wonder, Rheem are confident to set their price tags a little bit higher than any other air conditioner brands. However, you might find out that Rheem Central AC Prices are actually not too high considering their performances. The high price tags are always worth with the quality products.

Therefore, there are always reasons to invest your money to Rheem products since they also provide long periods of warranty. It is said that the lowest priced air conditioner product of Rheem provides at least 10-year warranty. Here are some more details about Rheem Central AC Reviews.

Rheem Central Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Rheem might not be the oldest brand available, but when it comes to features, you can always rely on this brand. All of Rheem Central AC units provide recent features that any top brands also have. Here are some features you can get from Rheem Central AC units:

Noise Level and Refrigerant

You may find this kind of feature in any other AC unit brands, but believe it or not this is a serious issue that many consumers always complain about. No consumer would expect they purchase an air conditioner with disturbing noises. Hence, an air conditioner unit with any reducing noise feature should be considered.

For that matter, Rheem Central AC provides air conditioner units with decibel levels between 65 to 70; reasonable numbers to provide quiet air conditioner units during the operation. More than that, you you will fancy on how this brand will cool your house all of Rheem air conditioners come with Puron refrigerant as one of standard market requirements.

Comfort Control System

When you purchase an air conditioner, you will expect your air conditioner to bring comfort to your house. This feature from Rheem is really what you need. This comfort control system provides error codes history as well as on-board diagnostics in order to assist and detect any possible problems that the air conditioner might have.

There will be a service call alert from the thermostat then the programmable thermostat allows you to get notified once any critical problem appeared. That way, you will be able to discover the problem in short time. This is basically like most current air conditioner features available.

Any modern air conditioners with programmable thermostat arguably will help the owners in big times. When the feature is running, this kind of thermostat can do some meaningful savings in utility bills. More than that, this programmable thermostat will also assist you in scheduling your indoor cooling plan properly. However, this feature is only applied in Rheem Prestige series.

Modulating Burners

Not only the comfort control system, this feature will also give the owners capability to control their own air conditioners. This feature will assist owners to control the right climate mode in unbalanced temperatures since Rheem Central AC units provide a modulating temperature feature. Moreover, you can also control the dehumidification level when cooling by activating the speed motor variable.

If not all, most of the Rheem Central AC units are supported by this modulating burners feature, which will ensure more accurate and detailed controls of temperature. Meanwhile, the heaters in the air conditioner unit will maximize its effectiveness levels of the unit in overall as well.


This feature may sounds cliché and you think that any other AC brands also offer it, but the fact is each brand offers different kinds of efficiency. Without any doubt, consumers want to spend as low as possible energy expenses. To that matter, we will need an air conditioner unit that offers high levels of efficiency. In this case, it is fair to say that Rheem is one of the top brands you can rely on.

Just like we all know, the efficiency levels of an air conditioner unit are determined by its SEER rating number of the product. Providing air conditioner units that reach 19,5 SEER rating number, Rheem Central AC make sure that you will receive the high levels of efficiency while you will also get the ultimate value for your cash by purchasing highly efficient product.

That also means that air conditioners with higher SEER rating number will offer more energy efficiency. To that matter, most of top rated Rheem Central AC units record high SEER rating numbers, giving you the capability to experience excellent air conditioner performance in your house.


Rheem Central AC units provide the range of 16 to 20 SEER rating number, giving the capability to owners to decide the SEER number they to regarding to the preferred climate.

Rheem products come with singe-staged, two-staged, and modulating air conditioners, which mean there are three cooling comfort levels with three budget options.

All Rheem air conditioners have the reputation its reliability air conditioner performance, giving the possibility for the products to last at least 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Rheem also provide long-time warranty; even the cheapest product has 10-year warranty.


Providing efficient air conditioner units means Rheem also have all the rights to set their price tags. Fair to say their price tags are relatively higher than any other brands.

Like any other brands, Rheem Central AC units need to be installed properly by experienced and trained technician.

When most top other air conditioner brands produced numerous models to choose, Rheem as one of the top brands only produced six models available.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Just like it was mentioned previously, Rheem Central AC only produced six models. Compared to other top air conditioner brands, that is a low production number. However, Rheem make sure that their products can compete with any other top brands. Here are some recommended Rheem units that you can consider:

Rheem Prestige RANL-JEZ

Considering some factors like features and process, it safe to say that this Rheem Prestige RANL-JEZ Central AC is one of the top Rheem products. This two-staged air conditioner records 18,5 SEER rating number, which is considered efficient amongst all top Rheem products.

This model has the capability to control the air flow in the air conditioner unit, making sure that home owners will get the comfort they want without worrying some unwanted moisture spreading to free spaces. This Rheem Prestige RANL-JEZ Central AC also comes with on-demand dehumidification feature, which means it can be applied any time you need.

Furthermore, this model also supports comfort control communicating system which differentiates its equivalent models from any other top air conditioner brands. The operating system monitors of the air conditioner will protect the unit from very low or high pressure.

Rheem Classic RANL-JAZ

If you want to look at the Classic category, this Rheem Classic RANL-JAZ model might the best option for you. As a single-staged air conditioner unit, this model is well known for its durability and efficiency. This model is also available in various range size from one to five ton, giving more options for consumers depending on their house size.

With 16,5 SEER rating number, there is no better product to do the job than this Rheem Classic RANL-JAZ model. The rating number is considerably high compared to industry standard rating with 13 SEER rating number. Moreover, this single-staged air conditioner classic mode comes with totally affordable price; arguably cheaper than any other equivalent Rheem products.

Rheem Central Air Conditioner Prices By Model

When it comes to price tag, some consumers might say Rheem’s price tag is higher than any other top brands. However, there is always reason why Rheem are confident enough to put that kind of price tag. They make sure that their products can compete with any other equivalent top brands product. Here are some Rheem Central AC prices determined by the model:

Rheem Classic RA 13 is priced at $990 for the units only, and will raise to $3.100 with the unit installation cost.

Rheem Classic RA14 is priced at $1.050 for the units only, and will raise to $3.350 with the unit installation cost.

Rheem Classic RA16 is priced at $1.250 for the units only, and will raise to $3.505 with the unit installation cost.

Rheem Classic Plus RA17 is priced at $1.480 for the units only, and will raise to $3.620 with the unit installation cost.

Rheem Prestige RA20 is priced at $1.850 for the units only, and will raise to $3.900 with the unit installation cost.

Rheem Central AC Prices By Unit Size

Not only by price, in fact, the more important factor you need to consider in choosing an air conditioner is your house size. You have to make sure that you purchase an air conditioner with the right size, so that there will be no energy wasted or the air conditioner has enough power to cool your house. Here are some details about the AC Prices determined by the unit size:

A house with 600 to 1.000 square feet requires 1,5 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.045. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $3.095.

A house with 1.000 to 1.300 square feet requires 2 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.190. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $3.310.

A house with 1.300 to 1.600 square feet requires 2,5 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.290. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $3.570.

A house with 1.600 to 1.900 square feet requires 3 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.490. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $3.850.

A house with 1.900 to 2.200 square feet requires 3,5 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.645. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $4.145.

A house with 2.200 to 2.600 square feet requires 4 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $1.800. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $4.420.

A house with 2.600 to 3.200 square feet requires 5 ton AC unit. The price for the unit only is $2.390. Including the unit installation cost, the price will raise to $4.990.

Lennox Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

Air conditioning unit is essential for all houses. Therefore, buyers should consider a lot of factors before buying one. Replacing old air condition for a new one or buying for the first time has similar pressure. There are several popular brands and each comes with different features. Is there any brand that provides products with different quality?

If buyers want to take a look on one brand, try Lennox Central Air Conditioner. Its manufacturer launches several different models. These units are also categorized to three levels: good, better and best models. Thus, buyers could get fair comparisons and note their differences.

Probably, Lennox Central AC Prices is not the only reason to consider this brand. One thing Lennox could boast from its brand is high efficiency. People are happy when they get great product with less cost. In addition, none of Lennox models miss their Energy Star label. Therefore, these product have passed certification tests. No need to worry about its quality.

With all marketng ads published by each AC unit, buyers might doubt its real quality. There are a lot of cases where customers are extremely disappointed by products’ performance. Now look at Lennox Central AC Reviews. More customers give positive review than those who give negative feedback.

Lennox Air Conditioner Features

Variable Capacity Compressor

This is not new term in AC unit. In fact, many brands already use this feature. It helps to maintain temperature better than the other options. Single stage compressor pulls out similar power no matter how hot or cold the temperature is. As the result, there might be times when house owners experience uncomfortable room temperature.

To provide better performance, manufacturer invents two stages compressor system. This unit offers better temperature balance. Usually, unit will work on 30% power when the temperature is not fluctuating. If extreme temperature change is detected, then it switches to 100% power mode.

Variable compressor work on different level: it matches temperature change. In the other words, this feature has automatic ability to raise or lower power usage. Depending on temperature change level, machine will use enough power to meet ideal temperature.

Low Noise

One main difference between Lenox products and the other competitors is its noise level. There are two units that will be installed; one is inside the house and another is outside the house. Those models that use single or two stage compressors usually produce loud noise. It is because the machine works hard.
Thanks to variable compressor used by Lennox, home owners could enjoy sleepless nights. There will be no loud noise from over working AC unit.

Aluminum Coils

Lennox is not the only one that uses aluminum coil. However, each brand gives different name for its product. For Trane and American Standard, it is called Spine Fin Coils. Lennox also has special name; Quantum Coil.
This material is made from aluminum coil, but upgraded to fit AC unit requirement. This feature is installed inside refrigerant tubing and coil radiator. Thanks to quantum coil, Lennox models have better resistance against rust. Buyers who live near the sea will be happy to have this unit.

Pros :

After comparing several brands, buyers will see that certain names are actually standard features for AC unit. Therefore, buyers might question how one brand could outstand the others. To clear this doubt, Lennox could proudly say that they provide top efficiency level. Its machine works on lowest energy to reach desired temperature.

In addition to Energy Star label, Lennox keeps bringing forward great innovation to the market. One of them is improved efficiency level. For upper level products, buyers will get better split system than before. It is suggested to take latest model available. Single and two stages compressors are improved as well, so it performs even better than before.

Cons :

No matter how great a product is, there will be several flaws to expect. Lennox keeps this error well, but customers later on will be found as well. First flaw from Lennox is its reliability. Despite of the comfort Lennox model could provide, customers still complain less than ten years after installation.

Moreover, its maintenance cost is quite high. Buyers could get cheaper upfront cost only. Energy bill is still low, but buyers keep calling contractor to fix some errors. Even after contractors find the problems, not all of them could be repaired immediately. If it requires part replacement, then buyers need to wait patiently as parts are not available in any store.

Lennox AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

There are three different series from Lennox available in the market. The highest or best models belong to Signature series. Middle class Lennox products are lined up in Elite Series. Budget products are packed in Merit Series. What are the best products from each series?

Signature Series XC25

If buyers ask to previous buyers, this product is their favorite. It is difficult to resist its great features when they have no limitation on budget. Every years, there are hundred products installed in different area. Review and feedback report shows shocking result; few negative report and tons of positive comments.

Next feature any buyers will ask is products’ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). For this point, XC25 works on 26 SEER. It also gets AHRI certification. For compressor, this product uses variable stage unit. Thanks to Lennox’ excellent work, buyers could enjoy low noise (59 decible) everyday.

Elite Series XC20

When buyers could not afford Signature Series, they often go for Elite Series. There are four different models; XC20, XC16, EL16XC1, and XC13. Among these units, the best one is XC20. It must be the first item to consider before looking at the other offers. XC20 uses variable stage system, so buyers will have balanced temperature all day, all seasons.

Compared to XC25, XC20 produces slightly louder noise on its operation. If XC25 could keep as low as 59 decibel, XC20 sets on 65 decibel at the lowest. Another feature from XC20 is humidity control. It absorbs excessive humidity in the room. In addition, Lennox XC20 is also available for upgrade. This model has a lot of extension cable.

Merit Series 16ACX

If budget is the most important, then it is better to check lowest series first. Even though it is sold at cheaper price, they are strong enough to perform its job. SEER rating for 16ACX is 17. Those who live in warm region should choose this unit. It offers multiple stage fan that could respond differently to temperature change.

Ever wonder how AC unit could maintain house’s humidity? 16ACX circulates air slowly, in and out from the house. Because of this system, house owners will get balanced humidity. Buyers love AC products from Lennox for its top performance. Their cabinets are made from top construction; galvanized steel, coil guard and powder finishing.

As long as house owners install AC unit properly, there should be no problem for years except for regular maintenance.

Lennox Air Conditioner Prices by Model

Buyers tend to choose cheaper price over more expensive price. They often miss several points mentioned by dealers. In general, there are two different price offered by dealers; unit only and system installed. Unit only means buyers will bring home AC unit and should install it by themselves. System installed means buyers will get AC unit and get it installed as well.

Lennox XC25, Get best product with best deal. XC25 is literally the top product of Lennox. Unit only costs $3750. Buyers have more homework to hire contractors. Don’t forget to calculate installation cost as well. For all in package, then be prepared to pay $7900. Think carefully before choosing between all in package and unit only cost.

Lennox XC21, Another top product from Lennox is XC21. It is sold for slightly cheap price than XC25. Complete package is offered for $7150. Buyers should be ready to pay cash.

Credit payment will cost twice higher in the end. Some buyers might have recommended contractors from friends or relatives. In this case, take system only for $2980.

Lennox XC17, How much budget buyers have at the moment? Is it under $6000? Then there is just perfect unit to buy. One unit including installation is only $5500. All items are brought to buyers’ house and nicely installed. Buying only system is a lot cheaper, only $2590. However, house owners should pay more for contractors and shipping costs.

Lennox XC13, It is difficult to find good AC unit with low price. Great products are mostly sold at $6000. What if buyers have $5000? Should they keep saving until they get $6000?
This might not be the case when house owners want to pick XC13. With $5000, buyers could get one unit installed in their houses. Do you want to buy system only? Pay $1860 then.

Lennox AC Prices by Unit Size

Next thing to consider before buying AC unit is size. It cannot be ignored, as choosing wrong size, either bigger or smaller, will ruin temperature balance in the house. In addition, energy bill will be much higher than before. When contacting contractors, you have to bring information about your house’s size, number of windows and hallway details.

1,5 Ton

Looking for smallest Lennox size? There is only one answer; 1,5 ton unit. It is great for 600 to 1000 square feet area. For system only, it costs $1345 to $1945. Make sure to call contractors and ask dealers to send this unit to buyers’ house. Of course, these services should be added to budget list.

If these steps are too much to do, then simply pick the complete pack. Its price covers unit and installation. Buyers should prepare between $4395 and $5395.

3 Ton

For middle size, buyers could take 3 ton option. It covers 1601 to 1900 square feet area. If your house matches to this size, then don’t take smaller option. Several smaller houses with two stories might be suggested to take 3 ton unit as well. Be prepared to pay $1690 at the cheapest for unit only.

Maximum price from dealers should be around $2200. Adding installation costs to total price is also possible. The package costs $5150 to $6150.

4 Ton

Living in big house, house owners should prepare higher cost for AC unit. They cannot pick smaller size. Instead of taking several small sizes, buyers should get 4 ton unit. It covers 2201 square feet. Biggest area it could cover is 2600 square feet.

rice for system only is $2000. This is the cheapest offer buyers could get. Highest price for unit only is $2600. It is also possible to pick all in package. Cheapest price for system installation is $5790.

Central Air Conditioner Replacement Cost Guide

What happens if your air conditioner broke down in the middle of summer? It can be disastrous. Of course, you need to repair it before it gets too worse to handle. The broken AC can result in the increase of energy bills and it is better to spend some dollars to repair it.

The average cost for AC repair is more than $100 unless you only get a simple repair that will cost you around $50, but this case is very rare. Don’t worry, here are some guides to help you estimate the AC compressor repair cost by considering the warranty.

What’s Covered When Compressor Under Warranty

The most important part of the AC is the compressor and if it is broken, your house won’t cool off. Thankfully, the companies also include the warranty for the AC compressor, but it is different from one unit to another. You need to have information about your AC warranty to know the coverage. If you don’t know yet, you can find it on the manufacturer’s website.

There are five different warranty coverage for your AC, such as 5 years, 10 years, 12 years, Lifetime warranty, and Unit Replacement warranty. The warranties here depend on the unit cost as well as the brand of your AC.

The leading brands and the cheaper ACs usually have only 5-years warranty. The 10-years warranty is the most common warranty for leading AC brands. Some brands, such as Trane, American Standard, Maytag, and some others have 12-years warranty. The ACs from Goodman and Amana some have a lifetime warranty for the compressor.

The best thing is that if you have the Unit Replacement warranty because you will get to replace the entire outdoor unit or condensing unit if the compressor fails. The AC brands, such as Tempstar, Rheem, Heil, Ruud, and other brands usually have this warranty.

AC Compressor Costs and Cost Factors

AC compressor is a central part of the AC. The AC compressor contains three different parts; coil, pulley, and hub. When the power is on, the coil will magnetize the coil and the pulley, and other processes will go on. If the compressor fails, there won’t be enough refrigerant and it won’t cool down the air in your house.

– 1.5 to 2.00-ton AC compressor capacity will have $445-$925 for part cost with $450-$625 installation cost.

– 2.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $500-$980 for part cost with $535-$710 installation cost.

– 3.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $595-$1,065 for part cost with $615-$840 installation cost.

– 3.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $650-$1,235 for part cost with $700-$925 installation cost.

– 4.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $735-$1,450 for part cost with $765-$995 installation cost.

– 5.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $815-$1.600 for part cost with $845-$1,150 installation cost.

Note that the cost can also vary from the BTUs of heat of the AC compressors. The cost will also differ depending on some factors, such as the unit size, brand, type of compressor, warranty coverage, and cost of living.

– Unit size: the size of the unit will affect the amount of refrigerant needed to fill.

– Brand: some brands have specific parts that cost more than the general parts in most brands.

– Type of compressor: there are three different compressors of each AC, such as the single-stage, two-stage, and variable capacity. You will need to replace the compressor based on the built-in compressor of your AC. Meaning that you cannot upgrade the compressor.

– Warranty coverage: if the compressor is still under warranty, you will just need to pay the installation cost while the compressor will be replaced for free.

– Cost of living: the cost of living in your home area will affect the cost spectrum.

Installation Costs

To repair the entire unit or the compressors, actually it will take around 4 to 6 hours, but some complex problems will require a longer time. However, most of the companies will be able to fix the AC for less than a day. The labor cost for the AC compressor will be around $70 to $130 per hour, but many of the companies have the flat rate pricing guide for the installation costs. The pricing here covers the labor cost as well as the price of the parts needed.

The installation cost here also covers some extras, not only the labor cost, but also fair profit margin; installing the new compressor and the required fittings; disconnecting, removing, and disposing the old compressor; adding the refrigerant and system testing to ensure good refrigerant system; removing and disposing the remaining refrigerant from the system; overhead costs, such as wages, tool, insurance, and equipment.

AC Repair VS. Replacement

Under some circumstances, you will need to replace the AC compressors and forget about repairing it. Sometimes, the repair will cost you a lot more than replacing the new unit. The replacement cost is actually less than the cost needed to install a new AC in your home for the first time.

Before you buy the new AC unit, you need to consider some conditions, such as when you want to the AC heat pump with efficient energy use and cost, to upgrade the model to improve climate control and promote temperature balance, the unit is no longer under warranty, or when the unit has repair issues.

It is better to replace a new unit with a better warranty than keeping the older AC. In the future time, you will need to repair it again and it will cost you more because of the older the unit, the more expensive the cost.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

One customer never has exactly similar request to the other customers. Some might need AC unit for their houses, while several customers buying one for their offices. For this reason, AC manufacturer usually produces a range of products. Each is made to meet customers’ request. However, there are certain brands that target specific market as well.

Daikin Central Air Conditioner is probably one among many that provides many models for different purposes. Buyers could ask for small, medium or big size unit, personal house, office or commercial use unit, and many more. It is probably because this brand bought Goodman to complete product line up.

Referring to Daikin Central AC Reviews, customers are satisfied with its performance. Daikin could really prove its honor as one of global AC brand leader. Buyers will not only get high efficiency but also great durability and warranty. It also offers tons of models with different features. Sure enough, it is difficult to leave without buying one.

Then what about Daikin Central AC Prices? Since it belongs to top product category, people might think that each model has high price. In fact, Daikin is also listed in best affordable brand. Both features seekers and budget buyers could get their best offer from the brand.

Daikin Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Advanced Efficiency Level

In order to maintain its efficiency, Daikin keeps improving its unit. Real work of craftsmanship could be seen on its efficiency level. Among all AC manufacturers, this feature is top leading innovation. Buyers could find it on DX20VC. Other top brands could only manage to get “up to” claim, when DX20VC will actually run on 24.5 SEER.

Ultra high efficiency unit costs more than standard units. The price gap reaches $1000 to $1750 per unit. Unless buyers are ready with this bill, they should consider other models first. Ultra high efficiency product could only show its benefits after 4 to 10 years of use.

Special Manufacture-Produced Compressor

If there is one thing AC unit cannot live without, it will be compressor. This part controls the rest of AC system. Once it fails, buyers will not be able to manage temperature anymore. Many brands share one compressor; Copeland. It is used by Rheem, Goodman, Carrier and many more.

Daikin takes different path and create their compressor. This is one main reason why customers are satisfied with its performance. A lot of Daikin models always make their way to global market for years. In addition, Daikin is also the first brand to offer very efficient mini split ACs. This brand really highlights their efficiency and durability.

Upgraded Indoor Coil

In order to work properly for years, Daikin unit should be able to resist corrosion. For this reason, Daikin chooses aluminum construction for all parts. Inside the machine, buyers could also see thermal expansion valve. It could cut installation time and extend AC unit’s life.

Top Warranties

Don’t all brands give warranty? What is so special about Daikin’s? Now take a look at unit warranty from other competitors. They are mostly 10 years only. On the other hand, Daikin offers 12 years warranty, It applies for all units.


As mentioned previously, each AC unit serves different purpose and aim for different market as well. For example, Daikin is categorized as mid range product. It means that buyers could find premium quality products for cheap price. There are also several models sold in middle range price.

Instead of trying to build ground breaking product, Daikin developers stay humble by creating something from anything they have. Thus, Daikin sticks to minor but impressive changes. As the result, they are also known for their energy efficiency, durability and durability. These three are golden triangle for any AC unit,


Daikin is able to win customer’s heart by maintaining reliability, efficiency and durability. They build their compressor and several other parts. Similar strategy has been used by more senior brands such as Lennox. At first, company thinks that spare parts distribution won’t be a problem. In reality, spare parts should be stocked in all dealers and market region.

While all features from Daikin AC looks tempting, it actually fails to provide several advanced components that are offered in other brands. For buyers who weigh functionality more, they will not think too much about this matter.

Daikin AC Model Reviews and Recommendations


Before looking at lower tier models, buyers should see best offer from Daikin. It is no other than DX20VC. This model has 24.5 SEER rating, currently highest than any other neighbor brands. In addition, its compressor works on variable condition. When temperature gets hotter, unit will automatically switch to more efficient mode.

What about communicating extension? Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t come in a pack. Buyers should buy additional items to activate communication system. DX20VC supports it. Later after installation, house owners will see how this model keep cutting energy bill. It has Energy Star label as well.


Usually, manufacturer creates second model that is not too far from its signature unit. Apparently, this is not the case for Daikin. Its second model has quite notable differences. First, take a look at its SEER rating. DX18TC offers 19 SEER, a couple steps behind DX20VC. This model also doesn’t have variable system unit. Buyers could enjoy two stages cooling unit instead.

Just like DX20VC, there is no communication system attached to this model. Therefore, each part works separately without any balance monitoring. However, DX18TC has prepared extension holes for communication system. Another thing buyers could enjoy is its Energy Star label. Keep the unit on without worrying about energy bill.


It is time to check how good low tier products from Daikin work. For those who come with limited budget then DX16SA could be great option. It still serves top performance with 16 SEER rating. This product will work just fine on warm climate area. To support the system, Daikin pair it with single stage cooling unit. It means that DX16SA will work on single speed even if the weather is changing.

There is one more thing buyers need to know about this unit. It has no communication system and is not compatible with it. This condition means two things; house owners should check machine regularly and maintain temperature level manually.


What is the most recommended model from low budget Daikin? It is no other than DX14SA. This brand gets a lot of attention for its Energy Star label. Buyers will pay less both on initial price and energy bill costs.

Get ready to deal with single stage compressor that might be a little bit noisy. There is no communication system to warn you about any error in the unit. Make sure you do regular cleaning, checking and maintenance for long years use.

Daikin Air Conditioner Prices By Model

In case buyers are still confused about AC unit costs, here is a simple formula. Buyers should calculate unit price, installation costs, additional equipments and probably shipping fee. If you are not sure which one is more valuable, then try to compare manual installation and package service.

DX20VC, First, look at its unit only price. Lowest price should be around $3125. Highest unit price is around $4000. Buyers should also add shipping cost and labor fee. If buyers have plans to install additional equipment, then don’t forget to buy those as well. Package service includes one AC unit, installation service and all equipment needed.

Daikin dealers offer package service starting from $3650 to $6125. Depending on living area and complicated work level, buyers might pay the cheaper or more expensive price.

DX18TC, This is second option that has quite different features in it. Don’t be surprised to find that its price is far below DX20VC. Dealers write somewhere between $2555 and $3450 on their price tag. It will be a great deal if buyers have cheap contractors contact and bring unit home by them.

If buyers have none of these requirements, then it is better to take complete package offer. Since it covers installation costs for labor and equipment, so buyers just need to wait at home. Appointed contractor will come and install the unit for you. Don’t forget to prepare $3835 to $5495 for this service.

DX16SA, There are several models sold at cheaper price than DX16SA. This is actually the middle range product from Daikin. Its price is not as expensive as top models. However, it is slightly higher than lower tier units. Price per unit is about $2045 to $2800.

Buying only AC unit will leave more homework for buyers. Practical solution for this problem is paying for all in package. It is around $3535 to $4990.

Daikin AC Prices By Unit Size

Previous price range doesn’t apply to any unit size. Buyers will pay similar price if they take 2,5 ton or 3 ton AC unit. If they need bigger or smaller unit, then the price will be different. Keep in mind; bigger unit costs more. Even so, buyers are not suggested to sacrifice comfort to fit available budget.

2 Ton

Any Daikin model will have size label on it. Those marked as 24 is actually two ton unit. This size fits well for 1001 to 1300 square feet area. Before paying for it, don’t forget to ask whether they have installed option as well. Unit only price starts from $1328 to $3250. Including the installation, buyers might have to pay another $1400 to $2000.

3 Ton

If two ton unit could cover around 1000 square feet, 3 ton must be able to cover even more. To be exact, 3 tons works well for 1601 to 1900 square feet building.
Daikin AC could maintain balanced temperature without working too hard. Be prepared to pay around $1915 to $3625 per unit. Installing and buying additional equipment will cost around $3280 to $5635.

4 Ton

After measuring their houses, buyers find out that their area is about 2201 to 2600 square feet. In this case, which size should they take? The answer is easy; grab the 4 ton unit. One unit is sold for $2100 to $3825. Do you want it to get installed as well? The cost for this service and the unit will be around $3650 to $5825.

5 Ton

What is the biggest size for Daikin unit? It is 5 ton. As expected, this unit covers huge area, as big as 2601 to 3200 square feet. No wonder, one unit is sold at $2285 to $4000. Installation and equipment will make a total of $3865 to $6125.

York Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

There have to be numerous factors you need to consider in choosing the best air conditioner for your house. Each factor is related to each other. Your house size will determine the model and the size of air conditioner. These factors will also determine the air conditioner price. However, there is always one consideration that each consumer will take differently; the brand or the company names.

Speaking of names, we are sure enough to agree that York Central Air Conditioner is amongst the big names in the market. It is not a coincidence that York has its own reputation, since this company was established hundred years ago. Since then, York has been producing hundred or maybe thousand products in the market.

In term of cost, York Central AC Prices are arguably affordable for many kinds of consumers. That is why it is not a surprise that this company has been solid for hundred years. Not only that they always deliver, they also set the product prices as affordable as possible. There are more reasons why this particular brand stands out. Here some more detail about York Central AC Reviews.

York Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Being one of the oldest air conditioner brands in the market, York company definitely understand how to win the market. One of the approaches is by offering their unique features. Being experienced as air conditioner company makes York know the market well and understand what people demand. Hence, here are some unique features from York central air conditioner.

AeroQuiet II System

From its name, you get to know what this feature offers to you. It is safe to say that no home owners want to own an air conditioner with so much disturbing noises. For that matter, York make sure to the customers that they will never have that kind of experience when they use any York products. Most of York air conditioner products can work properly without any unnecessary noises.

York products support a feature called AeroQuiet II System that will minimize the noises production as much as possible. This feature provides the sound level of 72 decibels; as low as you will need for a proper air conditioner. That sound level will give you assurance that the air conditioner will be running quietly. It will also ensure that your air conditioner will not disturb you or your neighbors around you.

Microchannel Coils

Another unique feature from York that you can prove is the Microchannel Coils. In case you are not quite familiar with this feature, this is the standard of any quality control in air conditioner units. The presence of Microchannel Coils will ensure the air conditioners operate with much more reliability.

Not to mention that its compressors are specifically shielded for the system to deal with any extreme temperature as well as extreme pressure. In addition, all of York AC products come with long-lasting coat powder, making the products look in high quality and enormous for this modern days.

Compact Split Systems

This next feature might not be considered as unique since some other brands have it too, but its presence definitely makes those brands are highly rated. Aside from York, top brands like Lennox and Carrier provides this feature too. With compact split systems, you are offered a chance to save some expense from buying any new ducts in your house. Instead, you can consider using ductless unit. All of York LX series are the perfect example of ductless units.

Any units with ductless system normally require zero ductwork, which means will strengthen the built-in protection. Therefore, you can always count that all the compressors in the York LX units are internally protected properly. The end product of these units is normally 35% more robust than any ordinary powder paint end product.


– Given their experience in delivering the products for hundred years, you can expect that York Central AC will serve you with great customer services.

– Most of York Central AC units are eligible for any tax rebates.

– Just like any other air conditioners, the units will provide durable build if they are installed properly, especially York AC units.

– One thing that any other AC brands my not have is the York ACs’ sleek design for this modern era.


– Although the price tags are adjusted by its quality product, some consumers still think that York AC units have high purchase cost.

– Comparing some York AC units with the same price tag, there are some more efficient products in the market.

– York AC units do not provide any labor compared to other competitors, which also means the warranty periods tend to be shorter.

York AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Talking about recommended models, you may receive different recommendations from different owners. Basically, just like any other AC brands, York Central AC provide three categories of air conditioner; basic performance, better performance and best performance.

For the basic performance, they name it LX Economy series. In addition, they name LX Advanced series for the better performance and Affinity series for the best AC performance. If you are looking for any units with Energy Star certification, you have to go for the better and best AC units performance since the basic AC units performance do not have one.

You may also consider about the SEER rating and the unique features. All units from the basic performance category normally provide low SEER rating with no unique features from York; only ordinary features like any other brands have. If you are seeking for those two factors, you have to go for the better and best AC performance.
Here are some examples from the each category:

1. York LX Economy YFE, YCE and YCS

From the basic AC unit performance, these products are the best available options you can have. Just like it was mentioned, these products are not Energy Star certified and all of them are single-staged air conditioners. The products from basic AC unit performance average the 14 SEER rating. However, they are all already support Microchannel Coil, which makes them durable and perfect for small houses.

2. York LX Advanced YFK and YCG

Move to the better category, these two products are the best option for you. Both of them support the unique features from York and are Energy Star certified. They also record the same SEER rating at 17. The only difference is that the YFX series are two-staged air conditioners, while the YCG series are singe-staged. However, they are the best option for those with medium size house.

3. York Affinity YXV and YXT

If you are looking for the best products of York Central AC, these series from Affinity are the best deal you can get. Although both of them are Energy Star certified, they also have some minor differences. In this case, the YXV series is arguably a little bit above then the YXT series.

YXV series are variable-speed air conditioners, while YXT series are two-staged air conditioners. YXV series record the SEER rating of 20, while YXT records the SEER rating of 19. However, both of them are well known as the best two products of York Central AC in the market.

York Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Speaking of price, each category has different price tag. The Affinity series as the best AC unit performance are on the top of the price list, followed by the LX Advanced series then LX Economy series. The pricing is divided into two; the price for its unit only and the price if you include the unit installation cost. It is always suggested to include the unit installation cost if you are not professional on this field.

York LX Economy YCE and YFE, Just like it was mentioned before, these two products are the best option if you go for the basic AC unit performance. These two single-staged air conditioners product record the SEER rating of 14 and are not Energy Star certified. Therefore, the price for the units only is $1.250 and will raise to not more than $3.370 when you include the unit installation cost.

York LX Advanced YCG, Talking about price for the better AC unit performance, it is fair to say that this York LX YCG series is the most recommended in the category. Although this unit is a single-staged air conditioner, York LX YCG series is Energy Star certified with 17 SEER rating. For the unit only, the price is $1.650, while it will become $3.970 when you include the unit installation cost.

York Affinity CZH, The Affinity YXV and YXT series might be the best two of York Central AC products, but in term of price, this Affinity CZH series is arguably a bargain. Provide the similar unique features, this two-staged air conditioner records 18 SEER rating and is already Energy Star certified.

The price for this unit only is $2.250 and it will raise up to $4.580 when you include the unit installation cost. The price might looks high but believe it or not it still as not as high as the Affinity YXV and YXT series.

York AC Prices By Unit Size

Just like it was mentioned at the beginning, your house size will determine the size of air conditioner you need in your house. Too much power for a small house or too little power for a big house will never be efficient. Therefore, here are some guides to decide the proper air conditioner size for your house.

If you live in a house with 600 to 1.000 square feet range, 1,5 ton AC unit will do the job for you. The price for its unit only is $1.095 and will become $3.195 after the unit installation cost added. If you live in a bigger house like 1.300 to 1.600 square feet, you will need a 2,5 ton AC unit. The unit price will be $1.470 and the unit installation cost is $3.770.

If your house is 1.900 to 2.200 square feet big, you will need a 3,5 ton AC unit. Its price will be $1.790 and it will raise to $4.150 when the unit installation cost is added. Then if you live in a house with 2.600 to 3.200 square feet range, all you need is an AC unit with 5 ton size. The price unit will be $2.360 and the unit installation cost is $4.850.

Top 6 Casement/Vertical Window Air Conditioner Reviews

In this modern era, there are many kinds of air conditioning devices you can install to your house. Whether you want to warm or cool the air, the options are widely available in the market, especially if you are looking for any air conditioner. There will be so many types and models you can find based on what you really need. From all of the types, casement and vertical window AC is booming lately.

It is understood that casement and vertical window ACs are invented as alternatives to the old model or conventional air conditioner types. This new types of air conditioner will give more freedom to the owners since they do not have to be installed as high as conventional air conditioners do. As long as you have proper sized window, you can install any types, even the best casement window air conditioners.

Speaking about the best, casement window air conditioners also provide as advanced as the conventional air conditioners features. Basically, they provide the same advanced technology; only that casement air conditioners are made to be installed on windows. To answer your curiosity, here are some casement window AC reviews you can look at as reference.

What is Casement Window Air Conditioners

Some people are still not clear about what actually a casement window air conditioner is. To begin with, there is only one type of window air conditioner, but people like to call them in two different ways; casement and vertical. Both names are made for windows, but there is more than one type of window. Basically, any units can be called by various names.

Casement and sliding or gliding window AC is referring to the types of window that they can be fit to, while the vertical window AC is normally used because the shape tends to be taller compared to its width shape. However, some owners also call it horizontal window AC since the windows it fits onto are opened horizontally rather than vertically, similar with a double hung window type. To give clearer insight, here are the top casement and vertical window air conditioners available in the market.

Casement/Sliding Window Air Conditioner Reviews

#1. Frigidaire FFRS0822S1

On the first of the list, there is Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 series. If you have a room with 450 square feet size, this series is the best option in the market. Applying standard 115 volt electric outlet, this casement window provide at least 3,4 pints per hour dehumidification. This casement window AC is specifically designed for either sliding window installation or casement window installation, installation kit separated.

However, Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 is not really suitable for standard window installation. Providing 10.000 Btu, this casement window AC records up to 10,4 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). As we know, 10,4 EER rating for that amount of Btu is highly efficient, without any doubt. This casement window AC also supports multi speed electronic controls for 24 hours. However, you can fully control it using remote control or simply set the on or off timer.

Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 series also provides three advanced modes that modern casement window ACs have; sleep mode, energy saver mode and auto cool mode. Not to mention that its mesh filter is supported by check filter alert and totally washable. This casement window AC height is ranged from 21,5 inch to 40 inch maximum, and 15,5 inch wide.


– Provides all features required for more convenient atmosphere and makes room feel more comfortable.

– Rated positively from users, around 73% to 77%.

– Its narrow size will not need much space in your room.


– Its energy saver mode may reduce the cooling ability, but that is expectable.

– To deal with that, you may need to replace the foam with plexiglass supplied in filling the gap between the top of your window and the top of AC.

– The expected negative ratings are around 12% to 14%.

– Frigidaire may need to do better packaging since many of the units are arrived being dented.

– However, nothing major aspect from the cons list

#2. Arctic King 8000 BTU

Although it comes with 8.000 Btu, this Arctic King series is perfectly known for cooling rooms with 250 square feet size. This unit comes with many features such as 2 fan speeds, auto restart function, power supply shutdown, “Follow Me” mode, 24-hour on/off timer, and a portable remote control to operate all of the features.

Considering the 8.000 Btu power this unit has, this Arctic King series is arguably ensures you quiet with lower noise level compared to any other similar Arctic King series, giving you more comfortable operation. In the “Follow Me” mode, you can decide how much cooling your room needs; determine the temperature when it comes out. This 115 volt unit comes with 14 inch long, 13,6 inch wide and 27,7 inch high.


– Although it only serves for maximum 250 square feet sized room, this Arctic King model is Energy Star certified.

– This Arctic King model is a compact window air conditioner.

– The positive ratings for this unit are around 80%.


– Besides all the positivity, this Arctic King series does not provide any timer.

– Its double-speed fan sometimes still produce minor noises when cooling down.

– Although this unit looks marrow, it actually weighs more than you think; mostly more than any slider window ACs and a little bit wider than any other AC with 8.000 Btu.

#3. Koldfront CAC8000W

Koldfront CAC8000W is the best option for you if your room is sized from 300 square feet to 350 square feet maximum. Its 8.000 Btu power will do more than enough to cool rooms with that range size. With the Energy Efficiency Ratio that reaches up to 11,0, you do not have to ask about whether this product is Energy Star certified or not because with that high EER rating, it clearly is.

Talking about features, you do not have to worry since this model supports any features that modern air conditioners provide. From its digital display, you will be able to operate LCDI 5-15P plugged type, 3 full speed fans, sleep mode, and dehumidifier using a remote control with 16 feet range. All of those features are included and ready to operate once the air conditioner is installed.

However, this casement AC will not fit any windows that slide up or slide down. This casement AC is designed to fit right to left or left to right windows only. It will fit any windows with the width range of 15 ½ inch to 16 ¼ inch, with the minimum of 21 ¼ inch high applying a window panel retainer with a maximum 39-7/16 inch high. If you do not use any window panel retainer, the window should be at least 20-5/16 inch high.


– Its Energy Star certification should be on the pro lists.

– Koldfront CAC8000W is a compact window air conditioner with positive ratings with at least ranged from 74% to 76%.


– This product does not fit slide up or slide down window.

– Besides all of its advanced features, this Koldfront model does not have a timer.

#4. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1

Basically, this Frigidaire series is similar with the FFRS0822S1. With its 10.000 Btu power, this window AC is a perfect option for any owners who want to cool their room with the maximum size of 450 square feet. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 series records dehumidification up to 3.4 pints per hour and operates with standard 115 volt electric outlet.

There are many features you can use from this series, such as 4-way air direction, sleep mode, energy saver mode, auto cool mode, 24-hour multi speed electronic control, and you can control all of them with fully functioning remote control with its on /off timer setting. The mesh filter supports check filter alert which is washable as well. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 records 10,4 EER number, same as the FFRS0822S1 series.

Before you decide to purchase this product, makes sure that your window is sized from at least 21,5 inch to 40 inch high maximum. The width of the window has to be 15,5 inch at least. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 is specially designed for either sliding window installation or casement window installation, with separated installation kit.


– Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 provides features that can ideally handle an unpredictable climate change.

– For one 10K sliding air conditioner, this window AC is arguably affordable.

– Given the positive ratings around 77% up to 80%.


– The negative ratings given around at least 15%

– The biggest concern of this product is that there is a chance this product is damaged on the delivery process.

– Although you can always return for replacement or refund, it is still inconvenient.

#5. PerfectAire 3PASC10000

Every window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu is always preferable to cool a room with at least 400 up to 450 square feet maximum. So is PerfectAire 3PASC10000. This window air conditioner also provides various features like portable thermostat technology to cover the room temperature, sleep mode, dry/fan/cool/auto modes, auto restart program, fully functioning remote control with “Follow Me” mode and programmable timer.

This particular window air conditioner provides an expandable window kit mounting that will accommodate horizontal sliding windows. You can set this front-mounted window air conditioner temperature from 17°C up to 30°C. Its tilt-out filtering air access will ease you in cleaning the product.

PerfectAire 3PASC10000 also provides fan mode and cool mode, both operating in 3-speeds blower. Before you purchase this product, make sure that your window is minimum 15 ½ inch to 16 ¼ inch wide, while its height has to be around 21 ¼ up to 39 ½ maximum.


– This series of PerfectAire window air conditioner is more compact compared to some similar series with 8.000 Btu.

– This 3PASC10000 series from PerfectAire provides the widest options of available features compared to any other PerfectIare products.

– The positive reatings are around 67% to 70%.


– This product is also considered as one of the loudest window air conditioners from PerfectAire products.

– Hence, its biggest complaint is that this product is not the right option for a bedroom installation due to its noises.

– The negative ratings are around 15%.

#6. Arctic King 10000 BTU

If you are looking for any window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu, this Arctic King series might be your ideal option. Especially if you have a room with at least 450 square feet size to be cooled. Operating with 110 volt plugging only, you will not need to install any 220 volt electrical outlet. This Arctic King series has a slinger up ring which will splash water from the AC onto radiator or outdoor coil, providing more efficient cooling process.

This unit comes with various features such as dirty filter notification, “Follow Me” mode with remote control, all of auto sleep/fan/dry/cool modes, 24-hour timer, multiple fan speeds and exhaust feature to remove any polluted air in your room. This Arctic King series comes with 14,6 inch width, 15,2 inch length and 28,4 inch height.


– This very model provides good climate control features.

– For a window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu, this Arctic King is considerably affordable.

– The positive ratings are around 77% to 80%.


– The negative responses received reach 20%; considerably high enough for a bad response.

– This unit is heavier than many window air conditioners with 10.000 Btu power.

What Size is Right?

Just like it was mentioned before, you will need to know the exact size of your room before choosing the window AC. The Btu power provided does matter on how it will efficiently cool the entire room. In general, there are only two kinds of Btu power provided in window ACs; 8.000 Btu and 10.000 Btu.

If your room is ranged from 300 to 350 square feet, you go for the 8.000 Btu power. If your room is ranged from 400 to 450 square feet, any window AC with 10.000 Btu power will be a better option. Too much or too less Btu power will not be working efficiently in cooling your room.

Thing To Know When Choosing the Best Sliding Window AC

There are several things you need to understand in choosing the best sliding window AC for your house. Just like choosing any conventional air conditioner, there are there categories you can consider in choosing casement and vertical window AC; basic window AC units, better AC window units and best window AC units. Each category has some products you can take a look at.

For basic window AC units, there is no better product than Koldfront CAC8000W. This model is worth a shot considering its features and affordable price. For better window AC units, you can go for either Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 or FFRS1022R1. Both provide similar features with similar price. For the best window AC units, you will need to decide between Arctic King or PerfectAire products. Both brands are the best rated window AC units in the market.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

How customers describe their ideal Air Conditioning Unit? Many of them would agree that high efficiency and affordable prices are the most important factors. When customers describe affordable price, it applies to many aspects; initial price, installation, repairing and maintenance. Big discount in the beginning is not always followed by low cost maintenance.

Buyers’ ideal product is often used as standard or end goal by manufacturers. Goodman Central Air Conditioner is one example that could get close to this standard. It is especially made to set maximum comfort, stand as reliable product in the market and provide best efficiency possible. All these complete packages are offered in competitive price.

Other than Goodman, there are several brands that aim for similar market. Just like Goodman, they have a lot of products varieties, clustered into different categories. In addition to low Goodman Central AC Prices, buyers also consider warranties and features. A lot of products are cheaper than Goodman. When buyers compare their features, only few will change their decision.

Is Goodman product better than other competitors? This is a question that should be answered by customers. If Goodman Central AC Reviews could be used as reference, then Goodman should be at least in top three positions.

Goodman Air Conditioner Features Analysis

Have you heard about frilly AC unit? It refers to any models that add less functional features to its system. It might seem cool at first, but then buyers will realize that these features are not urgently needed. If buyers don’t want to be bothered by frilly features, then Goodman is the best pick.

Lifetime Warranty Compressors

Yes, it is not a joke. Goodman manufacturer is really serious when they put the “lifetime warranty” label on their products. Many buyers must be curious about its secret weapon. Goodman has revolutionary suction accumulator. It works just like standard accumulator, but better at solving its most common problem.

One thing buyers should do during maintenance is cleaning up liquid or debris in suction lines. Neglecting this dirt will affect how the machine operates. AC unit will easily get clogged or getting hot in short time. Goodman has solution for this problem. Its suction accumulator locks any liquid form (mostly refrigerant) away.
Therefore, AC unit will run smoothly without any trouble. Still, buyers might need to pay for repairing after using this unit for one year.

Aluminum Coils

Not long ago, manufacturer thinks that best material to build coil is copper. Soon enough, almost all manufacturers mass produce copper tube. After releasing AC units to the market, customers sent a lot of complaints. Most of them are about corrosive tubes. The cost to replace copper tube is quite high. Customers have no option but to buy. Otherwise, the unit won’t work properly.

In order to solve this problem, manufacturers should find cheap but durable material. Luckily, they have the answer: aluminum foil. All Goodman products are using aluminum fin evaporator coil The chance of getting corrosive won’t happen soon.

Pros :

Probably first thing buyers notice about Goodman products are its low price. This is one quality any other competitors cannot beat. In order to win middle to low income family’s heart, the manufacturers could install fancy features without raising the price. Since better quality product work better, many buyers are naturally drawn to Goodman.

Another good point from Goodman is its reliability. Buyers will get what they see and hear about. There are some cases when buyers are tricked to buy pricey but less useful product. With Goodman, buyers cannot go wrong. Thanks to its high efficiency level, it also helps to save more energy bill.

Cons :

As mentioned above, Goodman produces economy models. It is difficult to take over Goodman position in middle class family market. Unfortunately, manufacturer really focuses on this area only. Usually, the other competitors also offer high end products with some feature upgrades. In Goodman products line, buyers will find no other models.

Have you heard about certain manufacture that trains their contractors to install AC units? Never hope it happens to Goodman contractors. Buyers cannot really ask for recommended contractors from dealers. They will only give any contractor contacts. None of these contractors learn about Goodman installation. In short, buyers should gamble on contractor’s experiences.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Goodman DSXC18

Buyers tend to look for best product in line first before they switch to lower range product. For Goodman, there is no other model on top of DSXC18. It offers best SEER rating; 18 SEER. There are three different models, each has different unit capacity. The smallest capacity is 34000 BTU per hour.

The biggest one is 56000 BTU per hour. All DSXC18 models have two stage fans that work according to temperature change. In addition to all functional stuff, buyers could also get early notice of system malfunction. This higher series from Goodman has built-in diagnostic which could monitor unit’s performance.

Goodman DSXC16

If buyers need second opinion, go for DSXC16. It is the perfect copycat of its higher class sibling, DSXC18. Both install two stage fan in its unit. This AC machine also has Copeland scroll, covered with foam sound blanket. No wonder, buyers will hear minimum noise from the machine.

There is also high and low pressure switch, allowing buyers to change pressure preference. In order to get longer longevity, manufacturer also puts filter drier. It is also possible to connect DSXC16 to ComfortNet Communication System.

This unit is compatible with it. Buyers only need to check regularly the display monitor. If there is any error, it is better to act quick.

Goodman GSX14

In order to find the most Suitable AC unit, buyers must consider a lot of things. One of them is living area climate. Variable stage fan might be the best cooling and heating property, but some houses could do well with single stage fan. Thus, they might want to take a look at GSX14.

As mentioned in its name, GSX14 offers 14 SEER capabilities. It produces tolerable noise; 73 Decible. For finishing, this unit won’t rust on its first years. To maintain level temperature, manufacturer gets aluminum fin coil. Anytime the unit needs to be repaired, contractors could get easy access from the top and both sides.

Goodman GSX13

Those who are looking for durable and affordable unit should check this model first. It works with 13 SEER and three split systems. Buyers could pick different size, starting from 1,5 to 5 ton. Installing one unit could produce 18000 to 60000 BTU per hour.

Goodman also slips a little bit twist for this AC Unit. This technology is called Smartcoil Technology. It helps heat transfer process by combining different parts such as copper tubing and aluminum fins.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices by Model

How could buyers get fair comparison for Goodman AC unit? First, they should pick most common house size. For common houses, perfect size for AC unit is 2.5 ton. Then, they also need to measure how well each unit size perform. After comparing these factors, buyers will have better conclusion of Goodman models.

Goodman DSXC18, Do you want the strongest unit from Goodman? DSCX18 is the answer. It includes only top features that aim to maintain most comfortable atmosphere. For unit only, the price is up to $1850. Installation and unit could be bought as a package. It costs around $4100 per unit.

Goodman DSXC16, Those who often see a lot of top brands might think that AC unit is pricey. It is because the lowest price for unit and installation is always over $4000. If buyers are looking for budget models, then try to look at DSXC16. Unit only is sold at $1580. Ask for installation package and you must pay only $3620 per unit.

Goodman GSX16, Middle option from Goodman series is GSX16. It is neither too fancy nor too shabby. Buyers will get just enough cooling power. Do you like the idea? If yes, then be prepared to pay $1405 for system only. Add installation cost and the total billing will be $3505.

Goodman GSX14, Now it is time to discuss about low tier product. Keep in mind that low tier is not similar to low quality. This product has equal value between its price and feature. Buyers don’t need long time to save money. Unit only costs around $1250. Installation by contractors will add up another $2000.

Goodman GSX13, Some buyers scan through models’ price before they finally look into their features one by one. In the other words, this unit offers lowest price for buyers. GSX13 sells system for only $1190. Calling contractors separately and ask for their service will cost $3100 per unit.

Goodman AC Prices By Unit Size

Have buyers calculate their house anatomy before deciding on AC unit? Factors such as number of windows, entrance position, and insulation play big roles. They affect how heat and cold is circulated inside the house. House owners could even calculate the hot and cold spot. After house owners learn about these information, how should they decide on the size?

1,5 ton

Smallest unit available is 1,5 ton. It is perfect size for small apartment for individual worker. They live in area of 600 to 1000 square feet. House owner could only have one bedroom, working space, kitchen and bathroom. This simple setting costs $1145 for system only. Installation could be included, but the price will double up to $3295.

2,5 ton

General houses are often built on 1301 to 1600 square feet area. Thus, they need something stronger than 1,5 ton AC unit. The most recommended size for any house with this coverage is 1,5 ton. It is sold at $1490 for one unit. There is also complete package, including the installation. It costs around $3670or maybe more. .

3,5 ton

Bless those who own a big house. They must have been built on 1901 to 2200 square feet area. If buyers want to cool down the house’s overall temperature, then take bigger size AC unit. 3,5 ton unit has $1845 price tag. It will be even higher when buyers want to include installation as well; $4145 per unit.

5 ton

Business office or any department stores will automatically call for highest unit possible. If your area is between 2601 to 3200 square feet, then take 5 ton AC unit. Otherwise, you might feel hot during the day. Unit only costs around $2590 per unit. Including installation, the cost will be $5430.

Top 9 Smallest Window Air Conditioners Reviews

When you buy a window air conditioner, not only consider the brand but you also need to choose the size of a window air conditioner. If you have a small room around 150 square feet, you may need a small window air conditioner so not only wasting your money to buy a larger window air conditioner but also you will not be freezing when you are in an air-conditioned room.

Another reason why people choose to purchase a small window air conditioner because the room has a small window and a big size of air window conditioner will not fit on it. There are many small window air conditioners available in the market.

Below are the lists of top 9 smallest window air conditioners for your reference. The range of size is from 5,000 to 12,000 BTU since many customers are looking for a small unit of the window air conditioner but can provide 8,000 to 12,000 BTU.

Smallest Window Air Conditioners 5000 BTU Reviews

#1 Frigidaire FFRA0511U1

Frigidaire is a well-known home appliances brand which belongs to Electrolux, one of the best multinational manufacturers for home appliances from Europe. Frigidaire FFRA0511U1 has the size of 11.9 inches for height and 16.2 inches for width which makes this window air conditioner becomes one of the shortest designs among others.

This window air conditioner could fit on a small window with size 23-36 inches wide and with at least 12-inch opening. Frigidaire FFRA0511U1 has 5,000 BTU and it has two fan settings. It also has a fan-only mode which is suitable when you just want to have air circulation without cooling, and it produces less noise so it could help those who are a light sleeper.

Frigidaire FFRA0511U1 also has an auto-restart mode which means if there is an electricity outage, it will automatically turn the power on and restart to cooling the room. This model also doing a good job of eliminating humidity up to 1.6 pints per hour. The only disadvantage is this unit only has knob controls and hasn’t supported with a digital system. The price of Frigidaire FFRA0511U1 unit only is US$ 219.99 which is very affordable considering the great performance that this unit can offer.

#2 Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E

On our second recommendation of smallest window air conditioner, still from Frigidaire brand, we have Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E is a small window air conditioner with 5,000 BTU. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E has rotatory mechanical controls and direction control of a 2-way air.

This is one of the most selling models from Frigidaire because the design is narrow and short with 12 inches for height and 16 inches for width, so it is very suitable to be put for small windows. If you have a window with the width around 23-36 inches and with at least 12-inch opening, this model will fit perfectly.

There are several features that Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E offers for customers, it has a mechanical control which could eliminate 1.1. pints moisture hourly. The digital version can eliminate less than this mechanical control can do. It has two cool speeds and two fan speeds, and it is one of the most valuable choices compared to other types and brands.

However, since Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E is a basic or standard model, it hasn’t supported with advanced features which usually are in the premium model such as Energy star, programmable timer or remote. Price for Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E unit only is US$ 240.66

#3 HomeLabs 5000

In number three, we have the HomeLabs 5,000. Not only considered as one of the smallest window air conditioners with the size of 12 inches for height and 16 inches for width, but this HomeLabs 5,000 is also one of the quietest among other window air conditioners. The unit could fit on a window with size 23 – 36 inches with a minimum 13 inches opening. It is suitable with the room that has 150 square feet size.

The HomeLabs 5,000 has the efficiency rating up to 11.1 EER which is close to the Energy star level. This model also provides cooling in super-fast time with 7 temperature setting which could make the room cool in 15 minutes. it has adjustable fan speeds and control system for two-way air direction.

Another plus feature from this unit is the reusable eco filter which the homeowner can clean it easily only with dish soap and warm water. It also could be cleaned with a dustbuster. Cleaning the filter regularly will maximize the performance of the air conditioner.

The unit also comes with support brackets, extendable side covers, window seal foam and a guide which could help the installer to have a drip-fee installation. The price of HomeLabs 5,000 is US$ 169.99, a very affordable window air conditioner which is perfect for a small room or apartment.

#4 Frigidaire FFRE0533U1

Another model from Frigidaire that is recommended as one of the smallest and also narrowest window air conditioners is Frigidaire FFRE0533U1 which has the size of 12.75 inches of height and 15.75 inches of width. This unit is suitable for a window with a size 22-36 inches and at least 12 inches of vertical opening.

If the other small unit from Frigidaire has two fan speeds, this Frigidaire FFRE0533U1 already has three fan speeds and it also has a notification alert when the filters need to be cleaned. This unit also can eliminate the humidity up to 1.5 pints hourly which is more significant than other Frigidaire models on the list.

Frigidaire FFRE0533U1 is 2016 energy star rated which has up to 12.2 EER energy efficiency which means you can save on the energy cost as well this unit is more ecofriendly. It has a one-year full warranty and 5 years warranty for the sealed system.

It can cool the room quickly and suitable for a room with 150 square feet in size. This unit also uses 115 electrical outlet which is standard in the United States. Frigidaire FFRE0533U1 is more expensive compared to other models but it gives more valued features. Price of this unit starts from US$ 299.9

#5 Kapsul Air W5

Even though this Kapsul Air W5 hasn’t been released yet in the market, it is worth to include in this list. Scheduled to be available in the market in 2019, this Kapsul Air W5 could be pre-ordered through the official website.

When it’s already launched, Kapsul Air W5 will be the smallest unit available for window air conditioner. Size of Kapsul Air W5 is 7 inches for height, 20 inches width and 22 inches length. Due to the shortest design size, this AC will need only at least 8 inches vertical opening and will not block any view from the window as other window air conditioner usually do.

In their official website, Kapsul Air W5 is very easy to install since it is supported with a patented adapter of the window frame which will require only one person to install this less than one house. this frame adapter also has other benefits such as remove the chance of the wrong installation and it is dripping free.

Kapsul Air W5 is compatible with advanced technology such as Alexa, Nest or Google Assistant. It is also supported with Wi-Fi system and it has an integrated system to control and monitor, humidity, temperature, kilowatt sensor and ambient light.

Smallest Window Air Conditioners 6000-12000 BTU Reviews

#1 Frigidaire FFRA0611R1

Frigidaire FFRA0611R1 has three sizes which are 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 BTU. However, we are going to review the 6,000 BTU model. This window air conditioner can fit for a window with size 23-36 inches wide with at least 15 inches vertical opening due to its 13.5 x 18.5 inches size.

Since it has bigger BTU size, this model can cool a room with the size up to 250 square feet. It also can eliminate the humidity up to 1.3 pints hourly. The unit features two fan speeds and two cool speeds. It can save more electricity cost since it requires low power when the machine starts up.

Frigidaire FFRA0611R1 has the automatic restart system which when the power is back on, it could resume in its previous setting and operate automatically. The downside of this unit is that it doesn’t support any timer or remote. It also hasn’t supported with thermostat, so the air conditioner system only has low to high cooling settings.

However, with the compact design and its durability, this Frigidaire FFRA0611R1 has an affordable price which is around US$ 223.32. Frigidaire FFRA0611R1 is suitable for any budget-conscious consumer who is looking for a durable and reliable cooling unit.

#2 Koldfront WAC10002WCO

Frigidaire is still the winner for the smallest and compact window air conditioner but with the range of 5,000 to 8,000 BTU. However, if you are looking for bigger BTU, take a look at this Koldfront WAC10002WCO which is up to 10,000 BTU and is one of the smallest and narrowest sizes among others.

If Frigidaire small window air conditioner still using mechanical control, Koldfront WAC10002WCO already has a digital system and it is supported with 3 fan speeds. It is also doing a good job in eliminating the humidity.

Koldfront WAC10002WCO is also Energy Star rated which means it could reduce carbon productions and it helps the homeowner to save more energy costs. This model has sleep-mode which could help to save more energy as well Energy Saver system. It also gives the maximum comfort with not much noise produced by the unit.

The size of the Koldfront WAC10002WCO is 14.6 inches tall and 21.4 inches wide. It can fit a window with 23 – 26 inches wide and with at least 15.5 inches height. Even though this unit is considered heavy with 70lbs, but it is still not as heavy as other common air conditioners with 10,000 BTUs.

#3 Koldfront WAC12002WCO

Another model from Koldfront which is included in this list is Koldfront WAC12002WCO which has 14.6 inches tall and 19 inches wide. It can fit a window with 23-36 inches wide and at least 15.5 inches of the window height. One of the smallest and narrowest window air conditioners with cooling capacity up to 12.000 BTUs.

With the temperature setting from 62ᵒ to 86ᵒ F, this Koldfront WAC12002WCO ensure the homeowner to have a room always cool but also reduce energy cost. Koldfront WAC12002WCO is energy star rated with 24-hour timer, Energy Saver system and LED lighting for filter notification.

It also produces less noise compared to other brands and model with similar quality. This unit is also popular for being easy to install and give the best comfort for the homeowner.

It also has three fan speeds and automatic function such as dry and sleep mode. This model also has other features such as remote control, four-way air directional airflow, and suitable for a room up to 550 square feet size.

The price of Koldfront WAC12002WCO is around US$ 479.99 and a little bit higher compared to its sister model Koldfront WAC10002WCO. However, with its great performance and advanced features, it is still worth the price.

#4 Kenmore Smart 04277107

Kenmore is a well-known home appliances brand from Transform Holdco which have been in this industry for more than 100 years. Kenmore Smart 04277107 has the size of 15 inches tall and 23.6 inches wide, Kenmore Smart 04277107 is suitable for a window with a size of 27 – 39 inches wide with at least 16 inches height. This unit fits for a room with 300 to 500 square feet in size.

Even though Kenmore Smart 04277107 has a mechanical control, but this model already offers advanced features such as integrated with Wi-Fi and it is compatible with Alexa for voice control.

Kenmore Smart 04277107 offers a system which could be connected with a smartphone or a tablet using the Kenmore Smart AC application. It has an electronic remote and control panel. It has three fan speed and the filter could be removed and washed.

Even though it said it can be integrated with Alexa, many customers reviews mention that it still has several hiccups. Kenmore Smart 04277107 is Energy star rated and use 9% less energy compared to other average standard window air conditioner models. Price for Kenmore Smart 04277107 is higher than other average models due to the full feature which is around US$ 397.99.

Proper Window Sizing is Essential

The homeowners tend to choose the smallest window air conditioner without analyzing if it will be fit for the space of the room that needs to be cooled. Several problems can occur If the window air conditioner has a smaller size than it is supposed to be according to the room size.

The window air conditioner will not give the maximum cooling power which will make the room becomes warm. Since a window air conditioner also has another function to eliminate the humidity, when it doesn’t give enough dehumidification, it will result in the room to be muggy.

The air conditioner will also need to give extra work than it should be which can cause of more noise and it could shorten the durability of the machine which means that the homeowner will need to purchase a new unit which can cause more money that it is supposed to be.

Below is the table for a list of room size with the air conditioner with BTUs cooling capacity.

Room to be Cooled BTUs 
2,000 – 2,500 square feet 34,000
1,500 – 2,000 square feet 30,000
1,400 – 1,500 square feet 24,000
1,200 – 1,400 square feet 23,000
1,000 – 1,200 square feet 21,000
700 – 1,000 square feet 18,000
550 – 700 square feet 14,000
450 – 550 square feet 12,000
400 – 450 square feet 10,000
350 – 400 square feet 9,000
300 – 350 square feet 8,000
250 – 300 square feet 7,000
150 – 250 square feet 6,000
100 – 150 square feet 5,000

This is the basic guide from the Energy star agency. However, other factors need to be considered when determining the size of the air conditioner such as the house layout, sun directions on how many people are occupying the room.

For example, if the house has many shades such as trees or other taller building, the capacity of the air conditioner could be reduced up to 10%. However, if the house has more sun exposure, the capacity of the air conditioner needs to be increased up to 10%.

The capacity of the air conditioner needs to be added around 600 BTUs per additional person who occupies in the room. And if the air conditioner is needed to cool a kitchen, it will need another 400 BTUs from standard capacity.

Please note that there are BTUs models that rarely made such as 7,00 BTUs, for this case you can choose between a 6,000 – 8,000 BTUs. Therefore, you can ask for a professional AC technician if you are not sure about which capacity that is needed for a room that you want to install an air conditioner.

Choosing the Best Small Window Air Conditioner

After having discussed the right size of a window air conditioner that you need, there are other buying tips that you can use before deciding to purchase a window air conditioner. If you use the air conditioner frequently and it is very rare for you to turn it off, then it is recommended for you to choose an Energy Star rated window air conditioners such as Frigidaire FFRA0611R1 or HomeLabs 5,000.

Even though the Energy Star rated window air conditioner has a higher price than the average models without Energy star rated but if you use the air conditioner often then it will cut more energy cost and environmentally friendly. It will be a worthy investment.

The energy star rated air conditioner is available from 5,000, 8,000, 10,000 to 12,000 BTUs. To choose the right size of this cooling capacity, refer to the previous discussion about room size and capacity needed.

Next point that you will need to consider buying a window air conditioner is the features that the model offers. For example, if you are ok to turn on the AC when you are back and turn it off when you leave the room, then choose a window air conditioner with mechanical control which is cheaper than the air conditioner with smart technology.

However, if you prefer to have a digital system where you can turn on the air conditioner when you are nearby at home so you can have the room the be cooled when you enter the room, you can invest in a digital window air conditioner.